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About Mukono District

Lake Victoria Mukono District

Mukono: means- “The King’s hand” – Back in the day, people from Kyagwe County in Buganda Kingdom used to take their gifts direct to the Kabaka. As the population grew, it became nearly impossible as the palace got over crowded. The Kabaka thus directed the people to give the gifts to the county chief who would deliver them to him. Since then, people started referring to the county chief as the hand (Omukono) that delivered their gifts to the Kabaka hence the name of the place, as Mukono.

Mukono has a favorable climate, abundant rainfall, rich flora and fauna, and proximity to urban areas. Discover  Mukono with Ssamba Safaris & Homestay. The district has a lot to offer to the intrepid traveler from deeper culture experiences, to mind-blowing water falls, unspoiled rainforests and rare wildlife.

Historically, Mukono was one of the centres of civilization in Uganda. At the advent of the colonization in Africa, big Christian missions, hospitals, schools and colleges were established in Mukono.

In 1890, Bishop Tucker of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) from England established the Christian Mission and a hospital on Mukono hill. He also established the Bishop Tucker Theological College, which is now the Uganda Christian University (UCU).

In 1902, Bishop Henry Hanlon of the Catholic Mill Hill Missionaries from England established the famous Namilyango College.

In 1908, Uganda was declared “the Pearl of Africa” at Mukono on the hill which is known by the locals as “Ggulu” – “Heaven”. One early morning in 1908, when Sir Wilson Churchill, former British prime minister was on a tour of this part of Africa, he woke up to a very clear morning African weather.

He stood on that hill and looked eastwards. He saw undulating hills of Kyaggwe County, valleys, green trees and grass, which he had not seen anywhere else in Africa and he declared, “This is really the Pearl of Africa.” Mukono is the main gateway to Uganda from the east African coast.