2021, what a year it has been!!

Several international and local volunteers have worked with us and contributed tremendously to our projects. Countless lives have been changed and countless memories have been made.

We have overcome many challenges, each one making us stronger than the last. The dedication and perseverance of our volunteers has kept this organization running strong through thick and thin.

Ssamba Foundation has been and still a wonderful model for a rural development organization, and allowed many people the opportunity to participate in projects they would not otherwise have had the chance to do.

Many of us have been able to learn new skills, and also discovered our strengths and weaknesses. We have become a highly respected organization. Thanks to the hard work from every volunteer who ever came to help, we’ve made something amazing.

Ssamba Foundation wouldn’t have lasted this long. It is you – the volunteers, donors, community members and collaborators – who have kept it going. For this, we applaud you, and we thank you. The truth is, without your help and support over the last few years, we never would have been able to do this.

The organization has helped create a brighter future for the people of Uganda. We have all been given the opportunity to learn what it takes to make a difference. Now it’s time to take off the training wheels.

Next year, we shall be celebrating 16 years in service and we are looking at the year as the greatest year for us and it will be time to measure our achievements. Watch out for the updates as we celebrate 16 years in service after two years of a pandemic.

For all our donors, volunteers and collaborators where things didn’t go well as planned, we are very sorry, but we promise to make things better.

Thank you everyone for the contributions made this year. We pray God blesses you abundantly.


Yours in service,
Isaac Ssamba
Founder/Executive Chairman
Ssamba Foundation