A typical day for a volunteer at Ssamba Foundation

8.00 Latest Rise and shower

8.30 Breakfast

9.00    Setting off to field work/Office work starts

Help with office work, programming, grants and donation research, volunteer search and program awareness and sharing of innovative ideas and carrying out designed program or project.

10.00 Working on field project, teaching, building, planting trees, painting etc.

13.00 Lunch break

14.00 Help with evening children after class project as an Assistant Trainer or make crafts with the children or help them with reading etc or Home Study visit to assess, at a destitute family home, how they can best be supported with a limited budget, community outreaches etc.

16.00 Play games with the children. The boys are soccer mad! The girls love netball, rounders and so on. Discussion with youth at the Centre

18.30 Evening coffee/ tea

19.30 Sometimes you will be entertained by cultural dance group of local women or the children from the High School playing local instruments or a craft sale

20.00 Supper at the house and chat with chaps there.

21.00 Relax at nearby bar

22.00 You will probably be ready for bed!  Good night, see you tomorrow.

Thank You!

Ssamba Foundation Communications Department