Farm Work Volunteer Trip Uganda

At Ssamba Foundation through our farm work volunteer trip Uganda, we love hosting volunteers to live-in and work with us on our community demonstration gardens. We have had many volunteers come and stay with us throughout the year. The farm work volunteer trip Uganda is an excellent way to see this beautiful country and be hosted by community members, farmers as you travel, or as you backpack around Uganda.

farm work volunteer trip UgandaSsamba Foundation is setting up a vegetable demonstration gardens at our community resource centre which is under construction to work as an educational space, and outdoor recreation site for the people of Kyampisi Subcounty, Mukono District. The vegetable, herbs and food demonstration gardens at the Community Resource Centre are being created for the community members in the surrounding neighborhoods, and intended to be a focal point of community pride and activity for residents of Kyampisi.

We do plan to have a mixed permaculture, holistic management, regenerative and certified organic garden. We shall focus on vegetables, fruit, chickens, guinea fowl, pigs, ducks, goats and cattle. You will leave your volunteer placement with a working knowledge of the way we run our Sustainable Agriculture Program and what regenerative agriculture entails.

The community resource centre will be a safe place for recreation and to connects neighbors over the growing, preparing and sharing of food; promoting environmental conservation and will serve as an example of how we can reclaim the ecological integrity of the land; and expand access to healthy foods for poor families in Kyampisi Subcounty. You can make a positive impact and lasting difference– donate now online to support this program/project! Thank you


The demonstration gardens will include a number of features to increase environmental sustainability: drip irrigation, rainwater catchment, recycled and reused construction materials, native plants, organic cultivation methods, habitat for pollinators, growing food locally, environmental education programs, recycling and composting receptacles, and extensive plantings of trees.


Ssamba Foundation’s participants are a community of people who are inspired to learn how to lead a more compassionate and sustainable lifestyle. From getting your hands dirty in the garden to providing administrative support, helping with fundraising events, or educating the public on the importance of our mission—there are opportunities for everyone who is ready to make a positive impact! Whether it’s one day, a week or twice a month, it makes a difference for the plants, animals and our environment.


People joining the farm work volunteer trip Uganda must be able to commit to at least 14 days of volunteer service. We’re always happy to have you volunteer more, but because we invest so much time in training and educating our volunteers, we require a minimum commitment of at least 4 weeks. We are happy to invite solo volunteers, small groups and families.

Agriculture Volunteering Opportunities in Uganda

At Ssamba Foundation there is usually a project on, and we like to get things done together, working as a team. Whether its building an animal shelter, renovating a barn, adding raised beds to the veg garden, weeding said beds, putting new fencing in, harvesting potatoes, hedge trimming, moving/feeding the pigs/cows/chickens…you get the idea.

We are always on the lookout for trusty helpers –who want to learn, your assistance is always appreciated here and we need you! We offer a unique opportunity to learn more about growing food, how it’s done, why we do it and what you need to start off doing it yourself.

We have had people from all walks of life volunteer with us over the years here in Uganda and we’re delighted that so many of them have become friends. You don’t need any qualifications to participate on this volunteering farm project Uganda, just a will to learn new skills and stamina for hard work (- and, believe me, it is hard work!). We will compensate you with a lifetime’s experience and knowledge. We’re a small friendly team.


Weekday Garden Volunteers – Join us in the garden to prepare and amend soil, sow seeds, transplant baby plants, remove pesky weeds, and more! Guaranteed to learn something and get as dirty as you’d like. 

Classroom Volunteers – Join Ssamba Foundation school outreach teams and onsite farm lessons. You’ll be going on guided walks around the demonstration garden or doing outdoor activities with school children. 

Weekend Workdays – We have a few dedicated Saturdays on the calendar every month for gardening to small construction projects, there’s sure to be a way for you to share your skills. 

Fundraising volunteers: Are you good at dreaming up fantastic events that bring the community together and raise money for a good cause? Do you have experience in development and grant writing? We’d love your help! The Ssamba Foundation relies on donations, grant funding, sponsorships, and benefit events to operate. Help us build partnerships with other for-profit and non-profit organizations to leverage and build capacity across organizations.


What type of work will I be doing?

Vegetable garden – planting seeds and seedlings, weeding, watering, harvesting

Feeding and watering animals and moving them from area to area

General farm duties

What hours will I work?

The average working day is 6 hours a day for 5 days a week

Where is the farm?

The Community Resource Centre where the farm is located is 30 minutes north of the Kyampisi Backpackers Home.

What should I bring to the farm?

Bring appropriate work clothing to suit the weather, which could be a mix of warm/light working clothes, rain / wet weather gear, working boots. You will need hat, sunscreen, long sleeve shirts and insect repellent.

A sense of fun

A phone to buy local simcard for internet connection as our WIFI is very limited.

How do I get to the farm?

Book your flights to arrive at Entebbe International Airport. We can pick you up from the airport. 


  • You must be 18yrs and above 
  • You must speak some English (you don’t need to be fluent) 
  • We recommend travel/life personal insurance 
  • You must commit at least 2 weeks’ minimum
  • You must be Sociable, Energetic, Positive & Fun!
  • Learn more about Who can Apply?

farm work volunteer trip Uganda


All volunteers based in Mukono (up to 10 at one time) will live together in a warmly family-home. Delicious 2 meals are provided each day, which consists of local foods, such as matooke (mashed plantain), posho (cornmeal), potatoes and rice or noodles. They are generally served with beef, fish, peas, beans or groundnut sauce. Bread, eggs, vegetables and fruits are available for breakfast, vegetarians are also accommodated.

farm work volunteer trip Uganda

Volunteers staying at Kyampisi Backpackers Home are assigned a bed based on capacity, arrival time and length of stay. All beds have good mosquito nets and you don’t need to bring your own sheets etc. Part of the income from this facility is used to support the projects of Ssamba Foundation and other humanitarian projects.

farm work volunteer trip Uganda

Accommodation at this home is in private, twin and dorm rooms, accommodating up to 7 people when full. There are between 1-3 beds per room depending on the size of the room. The emphasis at the home is placed on a relaxed friendly family like atmosphere.

Note: Couples can request their own room if they give us a “Volunteers advance notice”.

farm work volunteer trip Uganda


There are costs involved in hosting volunteers and we request our volunteers to cover up their living costs, this helps our organization to concentrate its resources on empowering vulnerable communities.  Volunteering in Uganda with Ssamba Foundation is affordable, as it should be! At Ssamba Foundation, we appreciate and allow you to use your compassion to help make the world a better! 

farm work volunteer trip Uganda

Many organizations see volunteers as a potential cash cow and are guilty of charging extreme rates. Ssamba Foundation makes every effort to keep your costs to a minimum, as it is your talent and time that are most valuable to us and the communities we serve.  Whether you are interested in volunteering short-term or long-term, we will discuss arrangements with you concerning finances.  Before applying please learn more about the costs involved!