Getting To and Around The West Nile (Arua/Yumbe)

There are so many options in which you can get to the west Nile. Pakwach Bridge is the main gateway to West Nile sub-region and beyond, with alternative routes being through Adjumani using a ferry and Wanseko in Buliisa District also via a ferry. A small volume of passengers pass through Obongi also using ferry from Adjumani or flying from Entebbe.

Option 1: You can fly from Entebbe to Arua airstrip (the largest city in the sub-region)

Option 2: You can drive your personal car or hire a vehicle, you will need a 4×4 (SunTrack Adventures) offers car hire services. (You will really need a handsome budget if this is your option).

Option 3: Use a bus! There are several bus companies to the west Nile, BUT I will highly recommend NILE STAR at the moment! To be very honest they are the BEST, Very new buses, good drivers, the premium (“executive”) buses have WIFI, working sockets to charge your phone or tablet, very clean and comfortable seats. It’s highly recommended.

Alikua Pyramid in West Nile
Alikua Pyramid in West Nile

If you happen to use the bus to the West Nile, you will need a private car hire to tour around the places, the attractions are far apart and well public transport is really HARD as in HARD.

So in ARUA – go to Bamboo Village (Bar and Restaurant), a nice place for an evening hangout with really good food and music and ask for Joseph (the Proprietor), very humble and down to earth fellow, he can give you recommendations to the best guide and hopefully car hire services. Don’t forget to go back for a cold one and food.

OR “ask” for Sherry very “popular celebrity” in Arua town, this Luo/Lugbara girl knows almost everyone in this clean city, she will negotiate a good deal for the car hire and translate the “sheng” for you. She is also fun to hang out with, don’t forget to buy her a cold one

OR ask your hotel for help to get a car and enjoy West Nile from one end to another.

Isaac Ssamba
Founder & Executive Chairman
Ssamba Foundation 

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