Kibibi! Town With No Lodge or Hotel

Kibibi Town, one of the major business centers in Butambala district is so far the only town I have been to in Uganda without accommodation facilities for travelers (no lodge, no hotel) just nothing!!!

I was surprised, because even smaller towns and trading centres have at least one “hotel” or lodge for travelers but in Kibibi, there is nothing.

However Club Vigor, just few metres from town centre along the Gombe – Kanoni Highway has a spare- room, if you speak well with the gym supervisor or the ladies in the saloon in front of the club- yeah, they will give you some little room behind the club- very friendly people.

The most funny part was when I stopped to ask some gentlemen if there is any lodging facility in the town and the response from a gentleman with a surprised face was: “Loogi oba woteeri wano?!, Haaa ebyo biri Mpigi, ffe wano tusula mayumba gaffe tetusula mu zi loogi!!” (Lodge or a hotel here?! Haa, you can find such in Mpigi town, here we sleep in our own homes not lodges)!!

So if you are planning to visit Kibibi or spending sometime there, plan way in advance. You might find some accommodation in Mpigi 30km away.

Kabasanda Kibibi
Kabasanda Town in Butambala District

Kibibi is a major town found in Butambala district in central, Uganda. This district is bordered by Gomba District to the west and north-west, Mityana District to the north-east, Mpigi District to the east and south, and Kalungu District to the south-west. The district headquarters at Gombe town are approximately 35 kilometers, by road, west of the town of Mpigi, the largest metropolitan area in the sub-region. This is approximately 68 kilometers (42 mi), by road, south-west of Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city.

District Background:

Created by an act of parliament, the district became operational on 1 July 2010, having been split off of Mpigi District, together with neighboring Gomba District. Before becoming district, the area was Butambala County, one of the eighteen counties that constitute the Kingdom of Buganda.

Economic Activity:

Subsistence agriculture and small-scale animal husbandry are the backbone of Butambala District’s economy. The main food crops are: Beans, Groundnuts, Sugarcane, Bananas, Matooke, Maize and Mangoes.

Isaac Ssamba
Founder & Executive Chairman
Ssamba Foundation

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