Ssamba Foundation Achievements Since 2006-2021

Ssamba Foundation was founded in 2006 by then a 19 year Isaac Ssamba, our Chairman and CEO who wanted to help improve the living conditions of needy people in rural Uganda. He decided to focus on education, healthcare, environment and social and economic empowerment of needy families in rural Uganda.

He and other donors have been paying for the construction of classrooms, libraries, water and sanitary facilities in rural communities. Ssamba Foundation’s Uganda volunteer program is a key factor in its success. Each year, hundreds of international and local volunteers work on specific projects and programs. Some reside in our communities for a year or longer.

Despite its humble beginnings, Isaac has built the organization into a foundation with multiple achievements:

  • Constructed 35 fully equipped classrooms to support rural education
  • Successfully set up 125 Income Generating Initiatives for Youth
  • Successfully trained 3437 people in various entrepreneurial & leadership skills
  • Assisted 320 women to start up income generating projects
  • Constructed 17 water sources to help communities have clean safe water
  • Assisted 670 students, mainly orphans and disadvantaged to get education sponsors
  • Distributed 97000 packs of condoms to youth and communities in islands and villages
  • Had organized 430 HIV/AIDS voluntary counseling, guidance and Testing seminars
  • Had registered and still supports in various ways over 150 children living with HIV/AIDS
  • Distributed 70,000 chicks to various households to empower them & boost their house hold income
  • Distributed 20 hybrid cows to twenty families to empower them economically
  • Distributed 300 goats to poverty stricken families to boost their income
  • Distributed 5000 mosquito nets amongst poor families
  • Currently supports 130 orphans with Educational materials, like school fees & scholastic materials
  • Constructed 5 houses for elderly persons and widowed woman
  • Distributed 100,000 pieces of exercise and text books amongst students & schools
  • Collected 200 boxes of clothes, shoes, radios, toys, household items & donated them to refugee children.
  • Have hosted over 1398 international volunteers in our projects across Uganda.

Current Wish List:

  • Laptop computers for youth computer training classes
  • Video cameras for video capturing training
  • Hope center construction and solar lightning
  • Books, Novels, Newsletters and DVDs for our Library and workshops

Thank You!

Ssamba Foundation Communications Department