Uganda Volunteer Placements Location

Ssamba Foundations hosts volunteers in various schools and community programs in Mukono District. Below you will find a brief introduction to our Mukono district.

We are privileged to work in some of the most beautiful rural communities in Uganda. These wonderful communities also have some of the poorest people and at-risk youth and children. All our projects are privately funded in the majority of cases. We rely, not only on individual volunteer’s help to carry out the work, but also their financial support.

By choosing to support these projects with both your time and money, we know that that your work has helped to make the world a slightly easier place to live in for some of the poorest people.

These rural communities have no welfare opportunities. The things you might take for granted like education, hospitals, roads, housing and food are not available here.

Ssamba Foundation, is a community-based development, humanitarian and rural development organization. The organization was started in 2006 by then a 19 years old Isaac Ssamba- commonly known as Master Isaac in Mukono district.

This idea began as a temporary- relief project and now over the last 17 years, evolved into something so much bigger than any of us could have imagined.

This is the reason we work hard at Ssamba Foundation; we know that as well as having a fantastic time, your skills and your hard work will be invaluable to people who just need a helping hand.

Ssamba Foundation has ongoing programs in rural communities of the Mukono District, Kyampisi Subcounty and across Uganda.