Volunteering in Uganda Program

Volunteering in Uganda Program! At Ssamba Foundation, all of our projects have been formulated by our team, to give our self funding volunteers the most meaningful of experiences when they join our volunteering in Uganda program. We take pride in our Uganda Volunteer Program and wish to ensure that our volunteers will benefit the community in a favorable way while on their once in a life time journey.

The main objective our Uganda Volunteer Program is to help more people gain the life changing, life affirming experiences that volunteering in Uganda program can give. We are committed to enabling skill transfer, enabling projects in Uganda to access different skill sets and to helping volunteers realize the value they can add using the skills they hold.

Volunteering in Uganda Program

Volunteering in Uganda program allows our volunteers the opportunity to work alongside local and interesting people that help ensure their contribution in the community is meaningful and life changing. Working with very willing disadvantaged communities also forms part of the make-up of this incredible life enhancing program.

Ssamba Foundation enables people from around the world to share their skills and expertise. We welcome and accept applications from all, regardless of age or experience. We facilitate placements for one or more people, for a minimum of one week and can secure the placement within 48hrs of receiving your inquiry.

We offer volunteer placements that will either utilize skills you hold already or give opportunity to learn new skills. We will match your skills and expectations with those of our project to ensure your placement is a professionally, as well as a personally, rewarding experience.

We also organize Tours & Safaris in Uganda for our visitors and volunteers:

One of the best ways to really get under the skin of any destination is to actually cover a large amount of ground during your travels. Go where very few get to go and join one of our overland tours and safaris with our experienced guides.

Kyampisi Backpackers Home

We also have accommodation for our volunteers:

We ask volunteers joining our Uganda volunteer program to stay with us at our Kyampisi Backpackers Home, next to our offices in Kalagi, Kyampisi, Mukono, Uganda.


The Uganda Volunteer Program is the Best Meaningful Affordable Travel Plan