Why I am Addicted To Roadtrips

Road Trips Make Me Lose My Mind (in a good way). There’s something about the idea of a road trip that makes many people, including myself, go nuts from intense excitement.

Just the thought of a road trip triggers such giddiness and ecstasy that I immediately start dreaming of all kinds of magical road trip scenarios. And I can get lost in such thought for hours.

Usually, what makes me so enthusiastic about a road trip has nothing to do with the region where it might take place or the vehicle I’ll drive or the route I’ll take.

It’s the absolute freedom that gets me going, the freedom to go wherever we please, to stop whenever we want, to be in complete control of our travel experience.

My brain finds this idea so unbelievably appealing it seems and every mile we travel has its own experiences.

Every road trip is a journey, but we have to admit that some of them are much more beautiful.

Isaac Ssamba
Founder & Executive Chairman
Ssamba Foundation 

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