Build a Library in Uganda- Volunteer Work

Support educational objectives in Mukono through infrastructure development. On this program you will work to improve learning environments at local educational facilities in Mukono, Uganda. The aim of these projects is to improve the educational outcomes of the students or to improve the health and safety standards of the facility.

Ssamba Foundation is establishing a community library as a way of promoting a reading culture and empowering local schools in Mukono, Uganda. The community library will serve as a resource centre for local students, teachers and the general community of Mukono and surrounding villages.

The Library will have a collection of educational material for elementary, secondary, vocational school curriculum, social books, self-help books and magazines, novels and newspapers.

The community will become well informed because people will have access to a wealthy information resource. Agriculture being the backbone of Uganda’s economy especially for rural populations, books on modern methods of farming and sustainable agriculture will be made available to the farmers.

The Volunteer Program:

While no previous experience is required for this project, physical fitness and DIY or construction experience are beneficial. All training and guidance is provided by our staff and local construction personnel. You can expect to assist with constructing furniture, building and painting walls. You will be working alongside local workers for the duration of most of our projects.


  • The construction project is a very hands-on and is an opportunity to make a rapid difference to the schools and community centers.
  • Live and work with other participants from all around the world who are all committed to making a global impact.
  • Immerse yourself in Ugandan culture at our homestay-style accommodation.
  • Experience the natural beauty of Uganda while trekking and touring.

Daily Life:

The main focus of this program will be working to improve educational and community facilities. This program is hands on and an incredible opportunity to make a rapid difference during your time in Mukono, Uganda. As a volunteer you won’t need to have any prior experience however must be comfortable with lifting & shoveling.

Activities will include:

  • Work can consist of anything from building and painting walls of concrete to painting to building benches or to making furniture.
  • The work you can expect will vary depending on time of year and needs in the community – it is important that you remain flexible

Accommodation & Food:

You will be living with the other volunteers in shared accommodation with a local host family. You will have a shared (same gender) room with shared bathroom.

All meals are provided on project, breakfast and dinner is prepared by the host family. Vegetarians and vegans are easily catered for.

Volunteer Work Schedule

You will be working from Monday to Friday in a small team of like-minded individuals. The day-to-day work program will vary according to the time of your visit and the stage of the improvement work. Whatever your contribution, you are sure to find this project incredibly rewarding when you see the progress the project has made.

Volunteers can expect to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. A typical day looks like the following. However, please keep in mind each day varies depending on the project stage.

  • 7:30/8 AM – 9 AM: Have breakfast at home and travel to the project.
  • 9 AM – 12 PM: Begin project, working at construction site.
  • 12 PM – 1 PM: Have lunch with local team.
  • 1 PM – 4 PM: Continue working on the project.
  • 4 PM – 5 PM: Clean up, prepare for departure, and return home.
  • 5PM- 9PM: Have dinner, relax with other participants, have a beer
  • 10PM: You will be ready to sleep, see you tomorrow.

Volunteer Benefits:

You can help build even if you have never picked-up a hammer before. This volunteering opportunity in Uganda lets you get your hands dirty and actually see what a difference you’ve made before you head back home. But, don’t think it’s all about hard work. The safaris and tours we organize in Uganda also give you the chance to travel around the communities you are working in, explore the country, and get to know the people you are helping.

Volunteers are always welcome at Ssamba Foundation either for short-term or long-term projects. We want to deliver an experience to enjoy Uganda by living, working and making an impact with us.  In exchange for your skills, donation and help, you get the following:

  • One weekend-long free guided tour
  • Discounted Wildlife Safaris (e.g: Gorilla Tracking, Chimpanzee tracking etc)
  • Pre-Departure Handbook (Everything you need to know about Uganda)
  • We shall pick you up from Entebbe International airport (Pick Up only)
  • Accommodation throughout your stay (Maximum stay is 4 weeks for free)
  • Shared bedroom with other-same sex volunteers (separate beds)
  • Blanket, Pillows and treated mosquito net
  • Limited Wi-Fi Access at house (Please feel free to bring your laptop)
  • 3 delicious local meals for your entire duration
  • 24/7 In country Support
  • Deeper culture immersion experience with founder’s family
  • Work and life experience
  • The opportunity to help others and lifetime friends
  • Certificate of Appreciation at the end of your stay
  • Its free to get involved- no program fees required – all you have to do is booking a slot.

Airport Transfer:

Volunteers are picked up from the Entebbe International Airport by a representative and transferred to the home or guesthouse, depending on preference. Those volunteers who are arriving overland or are already in Uganda can be provided with a pick from Kampala, Jinja or Mukono or they arrive at the facility on their own.

A half day orientation will be provided by a member of our staff on the next day after arrival. The orientation would cover topics such as introduction to the project, general information about the project, safety Tips / Guidelines, customs, health guidelines, community, and do’s and don’ts. You will also be given a tour of the local surrounding area which will help you in getting to know the area around.

Ssamba Homestay

Program Cost:

  • Placement commitment fee of USD$200 (Only)

Volunteering in Uganda is free, as it should be, No Program Fees!  No weekly fees! At Ssamba Foundation, we appreciate and allow you to use your compassion to help make the world a better place at no cost to you!

Many organizations see volunteers as a potential cash cow and are guilty of charging extreme rates. Ssamba Foundation makes every effort to keep your costs to a minimum, as it is your talent and time that are most valuable to us and the communities we serve.  Whether you are interested in volunteering short-term or long-term, we will discuss arrangements with you concerning finances.

What we DON’T offer:

  • Flight Tickets
  • Visas
  • Travel insurance
  • Vaccinations
  • Laundry service in town/or house (at volunteer’s cost)
  • Toiletries (soaps, shampoos and others) are not provided.
  • Personal expenses (Your pocket money)

Personal Expenses; It depends on you and your lifestyle! But we advise that you come with an additional $50-$100 a week to cater for your personal needs such as; Phone/internet bill, Transportation, Laundry, Snacks, Entertainment, Drinks and excursions if preferred, and any other things you may wish to buy.

Project Duration:

We ask volunteers interested in the Uganda volunteer work to commit at least 28 days (4 weeks) in order to ensure a worthwhile experience. But we accept volunteers from a minimum of 1 week’ duration.

We want every volunteer to feel that their time in Uganda was put to good use and that they had adequate time to make an impact. The preferred length of trip for a volunteer’s first visit is 4 weeks.

Project Dates:

Although we are very flexible about start and end dates, volunteers must book their flights to arrive on the scheduled arrival dates  for free airport pickup arrangements. You can book your flights to arrive at any time of the arrival date (24/7 Airport pickups).

Your arrival into Uganda will be on a Sunday. Your orientation for your volunteer program in Uganda will begin on Monday. You will spend the day learning about life in Uganda and preparing for your upcoming volunteer program.

If you arrive any other day, you have to cover up your airport pickup fees (usually $85) or pay for hotel for your night stay and pickup for the following day.

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