Day Excursions

Mukono district and her neighboring districts like Jinja, Kayunga and Kampala are filled with a myriad of day excursions options to explore and immerse yourself in the Ugandan way of life. Ssamba Homestay is happy to make your experience worthwhile by arranging day excursions, evening trips and weekend tours from discovering waterfalls and caves to meeting farmers within the community.

From our Ssamba Homestay, we can help arrange day excursions and expeditions around the district and neighboring areas. These include wildlife excursions, hiking treks, white water rafting, horse-riding, sport-fishing trips, mountain bike tours, village walks and so many other activities.


Ssamba Extreme Adventures

Extreme Adventures

Jinja city which is just 1hr drive away from Mukono is the ultimate destination for extreme adventures’ travelers and adrenaline seekers. If you’re looking to do something out of the ordinary, Ssamba Safaris got you covered from our list of Extreme Adventures! We offer guided day trips  to Jinja and you will find fantastic, exhilarating ...
Ssamba Culture Discovery Tours

Culture Discovery Tours

Culture discovery tours offered by Ssamba Safaris bring you closer to unique cultures and traditions of people of Uganda. Ssamba culture discovery tours are tailored to take you to the various undiscovered cultural sites, traditional communities and very historical places in Uganda. Uganda has one of the highest diversity of cultures, traditions and beliefs. With ...
Water falls tours Uganda

Water Falls Tours

Water falls tours are one of the stunning tourist attractions in Uganda the Pearl of Africa- gifted by nature. A visit to any waterfalls in Uganda will complement your other Uganda safari and tour experiences such as gorilla tour adventure, game viewing tours, bird watching, chimpanzee tracking and cultural tours among other tourism experiences in ...
bird watching tours

Bird Watching Tours

Uganda is possibly the most attractive country in Africa to bird watchers. From Ssamba Homestay in Kalagi, Ssamba Safaris can organize a bird watching excursion to off the beaten path areas. Our Mukono bird watching tours focus on unique and authentic experiences you may hardly get anywhere else. Ssamba Safaris’ Mukono bird watching tours offers ...