Donate & Give

As a non-government organization in a developing country, we rely on donations. We are an independent indigenous and, in many cases, a self-supporting organization, set up with an account full of hope and the talent and community support base to make a little bit go a long way. We appreciate any support, whether it be through volunteering, publicity, fundraising campaigns or cash donations.

To give you an idea:

USD$70 is the minimum loan we give to women in our microfinance program. This can set her up with a small business, and eventually ensure she has enough money to look after her family and send her children to school.

USD$180 pays for school fees for one child, for one year. USD$360 provides a child with full sponsorship, ensuring they also have school uniforms, regular meals and basic health care so they have the best chance at school and in life.

USD$200 buys two goats to facilitate economic sustainability for a vulnerable child-headed family or single mothers who are in most cases widows and faced with lack of food security.

USD$100 buys two piglets for vulnerable women vulnerable women, particularly widows and those living with HIV/AIDS with little to no income who have been affected by poverty and HIV/AIDS.

USD$4500 will construct a clean water spring well for vulnerable rural community of 700 people.

USD$10000 will construct a protect borehole for clean water, serving 1000+ people

Our organization being based in Africa and not eligible for tax-deduction in foreign countries status makes it difficult to find long term financial partners. We invite you to support us with a one-time gift, or regular giving.  We also welcome developing short-term and long-term relationships with like-minded donors.  Your donation makes a huge difference in our vulnerable communities.

Three easy ways to donate cash:

  1. Send funds to Our Bank Account in Uganda
  2. Donate through Mobile Money Wallet
  3. Donations can be made through Western Union & MoneyGram

If none of these methods suit you, please contact us at: to arrange an alternative method.

Donating a Laptop or digital camera

If you have any unwanted but working tablets, cameras, smart phones or laptops tucked away somewhere, we can put them to great use by delivering them to one of our projects. They will be used in our various photography, videography and computer classes in rural communities. You can bring the donation within your luggage or you can ask us if any one is traveling to bring the donation.

Community Outreach Volunteer Project

Other Items: Clothes, Shoes, School Bags, Soccer Balls, Board Games, Toys, Pens, Pencils, Crayons, School-supplies etc. are also welcome.

Connecting with Schools

If you are a teacher, why not think about linking your school with one in Uganda? It’s a great way to help your students broaden their education, while directly supporting schoolchildren in the poorest areas of Uganda. With our first-hand experience of schools across the country, we are well placed to help you select the one that is a perfect fit for your children.

As a small charity we have no overheads – all donations go directly to support projects in Mukono, Uganda. We’re always looking for volunteers and partners. Please feel free to contact us at to inquire about any specific project. Your support is greatly appreciated and we cannot express our gratitude enough.