Executive Chairman’s Office

The executive chairman’s office at Ssamba Foundation provides top-level leadership of the organization.  The duties of this office and its holder are detailed in the organization constitution. The office of executive chairman reviews all financial operations of the organization, examines the public image of the organization and creates plans and programs to improve the organization in every way.

The executive chairman’s office also oversees compliance with government laws, ethical professional practices and adherence to the organization mission statement.

The current executive chairman of Ssamba Foundation is the Founder and Vision Bearer- Hon. Isaac Ssamba. Mr. Ssamba is also a non-salaried- “Volunteer CEO” of the organization and one of the major benefactors of the organization.

As the Founder and vision bearer of the organization he has stayed on the team since its formation 15yrs ago to pass his institutional knowledge and expertise on to the team responsible for the nitty-gritty and day-to-day operations. The Executive Chairman feels that this organization needs his long-term leader’s expert guiding hand and this is something we are so appreciative.

The office of the Executive Chairman also oversees the board’s activity, including running the meetings, maintaining good relations among members, and voting on the operations’ strategic plans.

Charged with imparting vision, direction, inspiration and encouragement to the foundation around the country, the Executive Chairman needs to travel and the office to operate. The Executive Chairman office communication budget may also need boosting.   Donate online. Thanks.