Educating & Building Strong Communities

Every year Ssamba Foundation enables hundreds of vulnerable children in vulnerable communities across Uganda to get scholarships and bursaries to further their education. You can make a positive impact and lasting difference– donate now online to support this program/project! Thank you

We also enable hundreds of volunteers to work in communities in Uganda providing desperately needed services and skills such as:

  • Helping in hospitals, clinics, maternities, hospices and other health institutions.
  • Teaching in schools in deprived areas.
  • Caring for street children and HIV/Aids orphans in various children’s homes.
  • Building schools, clinics, and houses for low-income families.
  • Reaching out to the hungry, the homeless, special needs children and the elderly.

Thanks to You We Have the Reach to Make an Enduring Difference!

Our volunteers provide outstanding service within the communities we work in. But they do more than volunteer. They apply their knowledge and skills in ways that will bring about lasting change; and help alleviate poverty through education, creating self-reliance and building strong communities.

They also support our work here at Ssamba Foundation which is to:

  • Work in rural areas to enhance access to health and education.
  • Offer support to vulnerable families and individuals in deprived areas.
  • Support community outreach work, women groups and women’s empowerment.
  • Improve the lives of children and women in Uganda.
  • Break the cycle of poverty in Uganda by helping to meet the educational needs of children in deprived and poverty-stricken communities.

Our Track Record in volunteering Uganda

Last year we have not only helped a record number of volunteers to access affordable voluntary work, we also have involved a record number of volunteers in our own activities.

Some volunteers act as trustees to ensure the organization is well run and continues to move forward in support of our aims. Other volunteers work as Coordinators for the organization to enable individuals to find volunteers opportunities that meet their needs. Volunteers are also involved in reception work, administration, data processing, training, fundraising, publicity, website support and helping to run events.

All in all, we now take a great care in designing volunteer roles and where possible, we work with volunteers to help them find a role that best suits their needs. As a result, we have involved volunteers in previously uncharted areas such as in publicity, website and working on projects.

Volunteers work at children centers, clinics, hospitals as well as primary and secondary schools or our farm projects. The projects where our volunteers work have little or no resources and would find it difficult to operate without volunteer assistance. The daily schedules and activities for volunteers are determined by the volunteer with assistance of their project supervisor upon arrival.

Accommodation is arranged with at our Kyampisi Backpackers Home. Buy here Your Travel Insurance.

Volunteer Work in Uganda Children Centre

Uganda Volunteers working in orphans and vulnerable children will usually help with cooking meals, organizing play, arts and crafts, hygiene and HIV/AIDS education. Volunteers may help with administrative work such as preparing budgets, writing proposals, setting up and maintaining personal files for the children.

Volunteer Teaching in Uganda

The school where volunteers teach normally experience high levels of staff shortages due to inadequate resources and under funding. They are also usually attended by orphaned and underprivileged children. That is why volunteers are very much needed here. Volunteer teachers teach students a wide range of subjects and practical vocational skills. The skills help improve the student’s career prospects and enable them to reach their full potential.

Volunteer Work in Health Projects (Clinics and Hospitals)

There are a variety of volunteer roles in Uganda clinics and hospitals to fit your abilities and interests. Volunteers may work directly with patients or perform office duties.

Volunteers working in direct patient contact may perform emergency duties; work in surgery settings or in patient support areas. Pre-med students and other students considering a career in health care will find volunteer experience very helpful in solidifying career choices. Doctor-shadowing positions are available.

Volunteers with no medical training can help patients and visitors in waiting rooms, the pharmacy and in patient areas. They also assist staff with daily office tasks, which may include phones, filing, errands, reception and data entry.

Uganda Volunteer Program is open to:

Individuals, couples, families, students, researchers, and groups (churches, colleges, and student associations).

Our programs are flexible and volunteers can arrive and depart on any day all year round.

Volunteer in Uganda Program Costs

Placement Donation: $200 (This covers administration costs and Airport Pickup). Volunteers must cover up their living accommodations costs at Kyampisi Backpackers Home.

Other costs you need to meet are:  Your flight to and from the country, visa fees, vaccinations, and travel insurance, and airport taxes. You will also need a weekly budget of around US$50 to cover your expenses like bottled water, personal costs, public transport, beverages and entertainment.



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