Falling in Love with Western Uganda

My very first trip to western Uganda 10 years ago led me to this humble woman’s home in Bushenyi. “Maama Afrika” (as she is popularly known) hosted us, slaughtered a goat for us and lots of chicken (my first time eating a whole chicken alone).

I got to know Mama Afrika through her daughter Prima who was running a restaurant in Mukono town. Mama Afrika was running a community school which was catering for orphans and vulnerable children in the area.

So I led a team of volunteers to Bushenyi in 2009, to carry out a number of activities and setting up various projects to support the community school.

After the first visit, I became a “son” of the house, she could send me sacks full of matooke at least once a month to my home in Mukono.

In 2019 (10 years after my visit), on my way from Queen Eizabeth National Park, I decided to pay her a visit, thank God I found her stronger and more healthier, the moment she recognized me, I felt home again.

Although she can only speak Runyankole (the local dialect) and my Runyankole is not that perfect, we always have the best moments together, we crack jokes and laugh at each other’s “broken” Luganda and Runyankole!! Thanks Maama Africa and may God bless you more!

Isaac Ssamba
Team Leader & Tour Guide | Volunteer Travel Consultant
Wanderlust Adventures | Ssamba Foundation | Cultural Heritage & Tourism Organization

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