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If you wish to get your hands dirty and do some hard work for ensuring a better life for the underprivileged people living in the rural community of Uganda, then you must join construction volunteer project in Uganda aiming at building a community resource centre.

You’ll be working alongside the local residents, helping them to have a better living by constructing a community resource centre that will house a community library, clinic, reading/study centre and sports and entertainment areas. Donate Now & VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME

Project Location:

The Community Resource Centre is located in the beautiful deep greenery of rural Uganda; a small village called Namanganga, in the sub-county of Kyampisi…in Mukono district

………. but the problems:

  • Difficult access to Medical Care and Education
  • Poor Nutrition and lack of access to clean and safe water
  • Orphans and vulnerable children are neglected (no future perspectives or lack of guaranteed safety)
  • Not enough resources and knowledge for agricultural work
  • Needed support for micro-financing projects (Lack of self-trust and knowledge for becoming independent)

This village of Namanganga is about 40km from Kampala (the capital of Uganda) or just 25km from Mukono town. Little or no aid had ever reached the village – they have no water, competent school, clinic or any of the things we take for granted in everyday life.

Despair is all you see in the village, disease and poverty is everywhere, children and adults alike feel they are the forgotten people.

……. our vision for this:

We wish to set up a Social Center in the middle of Namanganga village in favor of its inhabitants and surrounding villages – to supply and support them for an independent life step by step. The plan is to construct several buildings with different functions.

Program Requirements:

Volunteers must be 18 years or older at the time of joining the project. You need to have an open mind and a flexible attitude for working in a new and different environment. The volunteer should bring energy and enthusiasm to make a difference and should be willing to work outdoors and get their hands dirty.

Participants must be fit and healthy at the time of joining the program and willing to work hard. You don’t need any previous building experience, to partake on this project.  Participants should have no criminal convictions and should provide a clean criminal background check report.

Volunteer Roles & Responsibilities:

Although certain projects often present unique needs and challenges, there are several core areas (and corresponding activities) you will likely find yourself contributing to at some point during your service as a Construction Volunteer in Uganda:

  • Site Preparation (demolition, digging foundations, clearing rubble, etc.),
  • Building (Mixing and pouring concrete, bricklaying, carpentry, plumbing, etc.),
  • Compound Beautification (planting trees, landscaping, cleanups, painting murals, etc.).

Whatever your interest, rest assured you’ll get your hands dirty from the start!

Volunteer Work Schedule

You will be working from Monday to Friday in a small team of like-minded individuals. The day-to-day work program will vary according to the time of your visit and the stage of the improvement work. Whatever your contribution, you are sure to find this project incredibly rewarding when you see the progress the project has made.

Volunteers can expect to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. A typical day looks like the following. However, please keep in mind each day varies depending on the project stage.

  • 7:30/8 AM – 9 AM:Have breakfast at home and travel to the project.
  • 9 AM – 12 PM:Begin project, working at construction site.
  • 12 PM – 1 PM: Have lunch with local team.
  • 1 PM – 4 PM:Continue working on the project.
  • 4 PM – 5 PM:Clean up, prepare for departure, and return home.
  • 5PM- 9PM: Have dinner, relax with other participants, have a beer
  • 10PM: You will be ready to sleep, see you tomorrow.

Volunteer Benefits:

You can help build even if you have never picked-up a hammer before. This volunteering opportunity in Uganda lets you get your hands dirty and actually see what a difference you’ve made before you head back home. But, don’t think it’s all about hard work. The safaris and tours we organize in Uganda also give you the chance to travel around the communities you are working in, explore the country, and get to know the people you are helping.

Volunteers are always welcome at Ssamba Foundation either for short-term or long-term projects. We want to deliver an experience to enjoy Uganda by living, working and making an impact with us.  In exchange for your skills, donation and help, you get the following:

  • One weekend-long free guided tour
  • Discounted Wildlife Safaris (e.g: Gorilla Tracking, Chimpanzee tracking etc)
  • Pre-Departure Handbook (Everything you need to know about Uganda)
  • We shall pick you up from Entebbe International airport
  • Accommodation throughout your stay
  • Shared bedroom with other-same sex volunteers (separate beds)
  • Blanket, Pillows and treated mosquito net
  • Limited Wi-Fi Access at house (Please feel free to bring your laptop)
  • 2 delicious local meals for your entire duration
  • 24/7 In country Support
  • Deeper culture immersion experience with locals
  • Work and life experience
  • The opportunity to help others and lifetime friends
  • Certificate of Appreciation at the end of your stay


Ssamba Homestay

Ssamba Foundation makes great efforts to provide the best of living standards to its volunteers. In Mukono, our international volunteers are picked up from the airport and are hosted at the Kyampisi Backpackers Home. The home is equipped with a few modern amenities. We also make sure that we help our volunteers with their local requirements, sightseeing or weekend tours.

Airport Transfer:

Volunteers are picked up from the Entebbe International Airport by a representative and transferred to the home. Those volunteers who are arriving overland or are already in Uganda can be provided with a pick from Kampala, Jinja or Mukono or they arrive at the facility on their own.

A half day orientation will be provided by a member of our staff on the next day after arrival. The orientation would cover topics such as introduction to the project, general information about the project, safety Tips / Guidelines, customs, health guidelines, community, and do’s and don’ts. You will also be given a tour of the local surrounding area which will help you in getting to know the area around.


The home is located in a humble neighborhood of just a kilometer away from Kalagi town, we are nestled away from all the noise of the big city, but close enough to ‘quickly’ get you back to downtown to sight see or party at the pubs and clubs until the birds are chirping.

Ssamba Homestay Uganda

We are just about 20 minutes’ drive from Mukono town on an all-weather tarmac road. In Kalagi, the road from Mukono forms a T-junction with the road from Kampala to Kayunga. Mukono the nearest major town is a rapidly expanding city about 45 minutes from Kampala and 60 minutes away from Jinja town- the adventure capital of East Africa.

Volunteers staying at the home are provided with breakfast and dinner every day at the home. Breakfast served at home is healthy and well balanced.  It includes tea and coffee, bread, jam, fruit and a main dish, depending on the wish to prepare that day (Ex. eggs, bacon, pancakes, French toast, cereal, porridge, etc.).

Lunch is typically the main meal of the day in Uganda and volunteers will often eat their meals on-site, prepared by local families or community members.  If not, Project Leaders will bring volunteers to a local restaurant, which will offer several traditional options.  A typical Ugandan lunch features beef, chicken or fish coupled with potatoes, rice or beans (usually rice). Dinners at home offer a vegetarian and non-vegetarian option each night.

Weekends and Free Time:

The hard work volunteers put in during the week undoubtedly warrants some fun and relaxation during evening free time and on the weekends.  During the week we organize a variety of activities for volunteers in the evenings.  We often play football (soccer), cards and board games or chill out around the bar or go out for a dance getting to know fellow volunteers from around the world. Musical ballads are known to break out from time to time as well as the always entertaining pub-quiz nights.

Yet one of the biggest perks of volunteering in Mukono lies in the plethora of weekend tours and safaris we organize.  No matter what your interests, there is always something for everyone to enjoy!

Program Cost:

Volunteering in Uganda is free, as it should be, No Program Fees!  You only make a once off donation and pay for your accommodation and meals! At Ssamba Foundation, we appreciate and allow you to use your compassion to help make the world a better!

Many organizations see volunteers as a potential cash cow and are guilty of charging extreme rates. Ssamba Foundation makes every effort to keep your costs to a minimum, as it is your talent and time that are most valuable to us and the communities we serve.  Whether you are interested in volunteering short-term or long-term, we will discuss arrangements with you concerning finances.

Volunteer Arrival Dates

Although we are very flexible about start and end dates, volunteers must book their flights to arrive on the scheduled arrival dates  for airport pickup arrangements. You can book your flights to arrive at any time of the arrival date (24/7 Airport pickups).

Your arrival into Uganda will be on a Sunday. Your orientation for your volunteer program in Uganda will begin on Monday. You will spend the day learning about life in Uganda and preparing for your upcoming volunteer program.

If you arrive any other day, you have to cover up your airport pickup fees (usually $85) or pay for hotel for your night stay and pickup for the following day. 


  • By filling the volunteer application form, we believe that you have read & understood All the requirements to Volunteer with Ssamba Foundation. If you still have questions/inquiries, please contact us
  • After filling the volunteer application and submitting it, you will be redirected to Flutterwave payment website to complete your donation payment of USD$200 (per person) or bank account details will be sent through email.
  • The donation is mandatory and expected within 7 days of your application date (Our program is pretty popular with limited placements for just 10 participants per month and we don’t want to keep participants waiting before you make a decision to book your placement). If no payment is made, your application will not be processed. 

VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENTS: • You must be 18yrs and above • You must speak some English (you don’t need to be fluent) • Placement commitment fee of USD$200 | We recommend travel/life personal insurance • You must commit at least 1 weeks’ minimum (longer stays are much appreciated). • You must be Sociable, Energetic, Positive & Fun! (Participants below 18, need a letter of consent from their guardian or parent to support their participation). Learn more about Who can Apply?


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