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Volunteer Services Coordinator

Job Opportunity: Volunteer Services Coordinator

PRIMARY PURPOSE OF JOB: This position is responsible for the coordinating the placement of volunteers geared to supporting the Ssamba Foundation’s programs as well as working member partners. The position is responsible for coordinating multiple projects resulting in increased volunteer involvement at Ssamba Foundation and our partners. Ssamba Foundation is looking for a long-term (6-12
Christmas Fundraising Appeal

Easter Fundraising Appeal

Sadly, many children living in financial disadvantage in Uganda will not receive a gift this Easter holiday. Ssamba Foundation is your opportunity to help bring a smile to a disadvantaged child’s face this Easter. Sadly, hundreds of Ugandan kids will go without receiving a gift this holiday season simply because their families can’t afford it.
Volunteer One Day Opportunities

Volunteer One Day Opportunities in Uganda

Volunteer One Day Opportunities in Uganda! You want to make a difference in Uganda but you are too busy to make a long-term commitment? You are already in Uganda for a short- vacation and you want to volunteer for one day? Join Ssamba Foundation! Ssamba Foundation welcomes individuals, families, groups and corporations who want to
Ssamba Youth Leadership Training

Introducing the Ssamba Youth Leadership Training Program

We’re excited to announce Ssamba Foundation partnership with several secondary schools around Mukono district through our weekly Youth Leadership Training Program. Youth Leadership Development and Engagement program (YOUTH TO LEADERS PROGRAM) Through high school initiatives and community-based programs, we plant the seeds to develop the next generation of leaders who will continue to reweave the
Friends of Ssamba International

Uganda Best Volunteer of the Year 2021

Ssamba Foundation recognizing and honoring her outstanding volunteers of the year. The volunteer of the year and other outstanding participants below have demonstrated that they are exceptional volunteers, by displaying dedication and enthusiasm for volunteering, and making a positive impact on people or a project while furthering the organization’s mission and vision. VOLUNTEER OF THE

2021, what a year it has been!!

Several international and local volunteers have worked with us and contributed tremendously to our projects. Countless lives have been changed and countless memories have been made. We have overcome many challenges, each one making us stronger than the last. The dedication and perseverance of our volunteers has kept this organization running strong through thick and
literacy program

Literacy Program for Women of Kyampisi Subcounty

Ssamba Foundation seeks to provide marginalized women in rural Kyampisi Subcounty, Mukono district, Uganda with the tools necessary to create viable opportunities for themselves and their families, with the goal of addressing inequality, facilitating empowerment and alleviating poverty.  The literacy program provides women who, due to extreme poverty have missed out on education, with the

Vocational and Entrepreneurship Skills Development Project for Youth

This project is designed to encourage entrepreneurship, job creation and economic growth that is needed to uplift millions of people out of poverty.  Through Ssamba Foundation’s Kyampisi Subcounty Development Agenda which is a strategic framework for the socio-economic transformation of the Subcounty, recognized the need for education and skills revolution and to actively promote science,
Kyampisi Subcounty Development Agenda

Ssamba Foundation Launches the Kyampisi Development Agenda

Ssamba Foundation will begin the new year 2022 with a launch of the Kyampisi Subcounty Development Agenda. A ten-year plan for strengthening and connecting the community. The mission of the development agenda is to: “Improving the living conditions of the locals through economic and social empowerment” The Kyampisi Subcounty Development Agenda will be a process

A Personal Reflection of the Man – Isaac Ssamba

Isaac Ssamba –Founder and Executive Chairman of Ssamba Foundation. Isaac Ssamba known affectionately as The Chairman or Master Isaac is the Founder and Executive Chairman at Ssamba Foundation and is probably the most amazing person I have ever met. He comes from a background of peasant farmers, his family was not wealthy, and Isaac had

Ssamba Foundation Fashion Design Program Takes Off!

As part of our After-School Program, Ssamba Foundation currently facilitates an innovative fashion design program that teaches women and youth to knit, sew, and make jewelry, bags and shirts and pants. You can make a positive impact and lasting difference– donate now online to support this program/project! Thank you The proceeds go directly back to

Ssamba Foundation Achievements Since 2006-2021

Ssamba Foundation was founded in 2006 by then a 19 year Isaac Ssamba, our Chairman and CEO who wanted to help improve the living conditions of needy people in rural Uganda. He decided to focus on education, healthcare, environment and social and economic empowerment of needy families in rural Uganda. You can make a positive

2022 Summer Team Leader Positions Are Now Open

Looking for an opportunity travel, explore and volunteer abroad in the summer of 2022? Well how about running your own trip for Ssamba Foundation and join us for FREE!  Recruit at least 10 people across your university, work or social network and join us in Uganda for free in 2022 summer vacation. Ssamba Foundation is
Ssamba Elderly Support Program

Ssamba Foundation Building Homes for Needy Elderly

Ssamba Foundation, a community based development organization in Mukono district is helping needy elderly members of the society by building homes for them through our Elderly Support Program. You can make a positive impact and lasting difference– donate now online to support this program/project! Thank you Donate Now The rural elderly people in need vary

American Restaurateur Joins Ssamba Foundation

Miranda an American restaurant entrepreneur has joined Ssamba Foundation as a volunteer on her trip to Uganda, where she will facilitate various community development programs meant to empower and uplift the rural people of Kyampisi. For Miranda this trip represents her third visit to the continent of Africa and the first in 20yrs and presents
Covid-19 Food Relief

Ssamba Foundation Launches Covid-19 Food Relief Campaign

Ssamba Foundation has launched a Covid-19 Food Relief campaign to ensure that nobody in the Kyampisi Subcounty goes hungry during the Coronavirus crisis and this second lockdown. Currently, over 6,000 adults and children in the area are not getting enough food. Ssamba Foundation has embarked on a campaign to help people find food urgently. By

Ssamba Foundation launches new website!

Ssamba Foundation has launched its new website –  and we are excited to present its new look. Our new website provides a clear message about who we are, what we stand for and about our solutions. The website also boasts a clean design and intuitive and consistent site-wide navigation system with improved menu functionalities