Introducing the Ssamba Youth Leadership Training Program

We’re excited to announce Ssamba Foundation partnership with several secondary schools around Mukono district through our weekly Youth Leadership Training Program. Youth Leadership Development and Engagement program (YOUTH TO LEADERS PROGRAM)

Through high school initiatives and community-based programs, we plant the seeds to develop the next generation of leaders who will continue to reweave the fabric of community for children and youth. Our vision in this program is to create a successor generation of leaders who will drive community and national transformations and inspire and make long-term improvements for children and youths.

This program has a unique syllabus. Not only does the Youth Leadership Training Program focus on personal development and communication skills. Through stress-reducing breathing techniques, individuals find inner peace and communities to come together in a spirit of service. High school participants are inspired to volunteer for community based development projects, and the fruits of the seeds sown in the classroom can be experienced by the community as a whole.

Mission of the Program:

The mission of the Ssamba Youth Leadership Training program is to enlighten, encourage and empower youth by providing leadership training that will promote and enhance the quality of life for themselves, their communities and our world.

Our work is based on the notion that young people have the capacity to become leaders in their chosen field of endeavor if given the exposure to concepts of leadership and the opportunity to demonstrate their skills through positive social action.

Young people have been at the core of every social movement in history and through our organization we hope to identify the next generation of social change leaders.

Why the program is important?

In order for youth to be prepared to work in partnership with adults, they need to develop and/or enhance their leadership skills. Leadership training prepares youth to manage time, work as a team, set goals, start conversations, facilitate meetings, and make effective presentations.  Promoting youth leadership development is a great way to promote positive life skills learning.

To fully participate with adults, youth also need to be informed about the adult perspective of the problem, challenge or issue being discussed: the jargon that adults use to describe their work; and strategies for approaching the work. In other words, we need to be sure the field is level for all of the players.

How you can Support:

You can support this project by donating funds or joining our free volunteering abroad program.

Joining Ssamba Foundation’s free volunteering abroad for short-term or long-term volunteering programs is a rewarding memorable experience like no other. Empower and support the youth of Uganda through kind financial donations or volunteering time.

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