Literacy Program for Women of Kyampisi Subcounty

Ssamba Foundation seeks to provide marginalized women in rural Kyampisi Subcounty, Mukono district, Uganda with the tools necessary to create viable opportunities for themselves and their families, with the goal of addressing inequality, facilitating empowerment and alleviating poverty.  The literacy program provides women who, due to extreme poverty have missed out on education, with the opportunity to learn to read and write in both their local language and in English.

The literacy program was initiated following requests from women in the local community. An 8 month program is offered, where women attend classes twice a week to learn the very basics of reading and writing, both in their own local language and in English, the national language of Uganda. The course is adapted from established literacy training programs and trained facilitators input to contextualize the lessons to the needs of the women enrolled.

Upon completion women can sit for the National Literacy Exam, however, each woman participates for her own specific reason, thus the structure of the course is determined by participant’s individual needs and not all will choose to sit the exam. For some an ability to sign their name and hold a simple conversation will create significant improvement to their lifestyle.

Lessons are held at one of community schools in Kyampisi Subcounty, and whilst attending lessons, women are provided with a meal and child-care is offered for their children. A Ssamba Foundation volunteer provides play and reading opportunities for children of participants, for some this is the only educational experience they receive.

The course currently has 75 places and women are recruited from the wider Ssamba Foundation network, places are allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Following the popularity of the course in early years, a level 2 course was introduced for participants who wanted to further improve their skills. You can make a positive impact and lasting difference– donate now online to support this program/project! Thank you

The greater impact of this is that women gain access to economic opportunities, to participate in basic services, to legal protection and furthermore to develop their own self-confidence and self-leadership, thus empowering them in their own communities. With skills gained in the literacy program and through wider Ssamba Foundation initiatives, women have been able to engage in many communities based programs and have become leaders and advocates in their community. For example, through drama and debates the literacy students have been able to share their experience and learnings on the issues faced by women and the value of education for women.

Ssamba Foundation is currently expanding and re-introducing “All Happy Days- No Check-No Stain” Campaign” in 2022. This initiative will involve working through our Literacy Program to educate and offer clients the opportunity to become leaders in improving and advocating for menstrual health.

In lower income countries such as Uganda, where there is a lack of access to sanitation and water, menstruation is significantly more challenging to manage hygienically and with dignity, causing close to 70% of the reproductive diseases.  Ssamba Foundation through partners will establish a manufacturing unit that will be able to produce very efficient and low-cost sanitary pieces that will be the focal point of a social enterprise.

From a grassroots level, the Ssamba Foundation plans to provide access to reproductive health, economic opportunities, and socio-cultural information to those that are in the Literacy Program, as well as in the Mukono District generally, to address gender-based challenges and increase menstrual health for women and girls.

The goal is that members and volunteers will assist spreading awareness and education to decrease reproductive disease, and bring an increase in feminine hygiene and health for their community.  If successful, the women in the Literacy Program will develop this enterprise into a model that can be replicated in other lower income communities.

How you can Support:

You can support this project by donating funds or joining our free volunteering abroad program.

Become an Adult Literacy Volunteer

Ssamba Foundation provides free accommodation and meals in exchange for volunteer work in Uganda. Teach an adult woman to read and write and inspire the world to change. Women under our program in Kyampisi Subcounty need help to gain basic literacy, math, or computer skills that will enable them to succeed as workers, parents, and community citizens.

Volunteer for free abroad with Ssamba Foundation in Uganda and empower a rural woman.  Literacy is not merely about basic skills of reading and writing; it is about providing individuals with the capabilities for understanding their lives and social environment as well as equipping them with problem-solving skills. Literacy, therefore, is a foundation of human resources development and is critical to alleviating poverty

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