Ssamba Foundation Launches the Kyampisi Development Agenda

Ssamba Foundation will begin the new year 2022 with a launch of the Kyampisi Subcounty Development Agenda. A ten-year plan for strengthening and connecting the community. The mission of the development agenda is to: “Improving the living conditions of the locals through economic and social empowerment”

The Kyampisi Subcounty Development Agenda will be a process of increasing the strength and effectiveness of communities in Kyampisi Subcounty, improving peoples’ quality of life, and enabling people to participate in decision making to achieve greater long-term control over their lives. You can make a positive impact and lasting difference– donate now online to support this program/project! Thank you

The 5 Sustainable community development programs will contribute to the long-term strengthening of community viability. Agriculture, Water, Education and Healthcare improvement will play a central role in sustainable community development by acting as a catalyst for positive economic and social change in areas that may otherwise have limited opportunities for economic and social development.

The 5 sustainable community development programs will focus on the areas of:

  • Agriculture
  • Water
  • Education
  • Social-Economic
  • Health

Agriculture Program:

We will continue to support programs that assist small farmers, by teaching them best practices, providing them with seeds and seedlings, and in some cases purchasing their crops which gives them a steady source of income.

Water Program:

Water is life! We will continue to support programs that provide access to clean water and sensitize communities about the importance of clean water for the prevention of diseases.

Education Program:

Through our education assistance program, we will continue to support hundreds of needy primary and secondary school- age children who otherwise would have no opportunity for an education. In addition, we will put much emphasis on the vocational training programs within the subcounty.

Healthcare Program:

We will continue working with community health-centers and hospitals to provide access to health care services for needy people.

At Ssamba Foundation we believe long term success begins and grows at the community level.  With the intent of reducing donor reliance, we have introduced various projects aimed at raising an income for operational expenses of the organization.

Kyampisi Subcounty in Mukono District is our focus and hosts our main and major projects. However, from time to time we facilitate or run other smaller short-term projects in response to the immediate needs of the communities across the entire district of Mukono and Uganda at large.

Apart from being of benefit to the communities, our collaboration and involvement in other projects creates links and partnerships with other NGOs and support organizations.


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