Volunteer One Day Opportunities in Uganda

Volunteer One Day Opportunities in Uganda! You want to make a difference in Uganda but you are too busy to make a long-term commitment? You are already in Uganda for a short- vacation and you want to volunteer for one day? Join Ssamba Foundation!

Ssamba Foundation welcomes individuals, families, groups and corporations who want to volunteer for a half- or full-day projects in Uganda. If you thought, you need to make weeks- or months-long commitment to volunteer – Think again- just book a placement on one of our One Day volunteering projects.

You don’t need to do a long stint to reap the benefits of volunteering in Uganda. Ssamba Foundation understands that not everyone has that many days to spare. And while many of our projects do require a minimum time commitment from volunteers (these people help keep our programs running, after all), but some projects last just a couple of hours or up to a single day—no strings attached.

Spend a few hours volunteering with Ssamba Foundation’s one-day volunteering opportunities in Mukono, Uganda.  There are many events and activities in the communities where we work that need volunteers and the time commitment of even less than a day!

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That day or portion of a day can still provide an excellent opportunity for you to gain some experience to put on your resumé and to connect with other volunteers, event organizers, and participants.

 Below are some of the volunteer one day opportunities you can get involved in: –

  • Help us create an active blog, capture short videos for our projects
  • Help us create Campaign Slogans
  • Help in Artwork, Layout of Materials
  • Work on our website, keeping update
  • Work on our children’s centre preparing meals
  • Work with our Sports Program to organize events/training
  • Help with office work
  • Help with our social media handles
  • Join our community outreach team for a day
  • Volunteer at the hospital for day and help doctors and nurses
  • Help with clerical or administrative work at the hospital
  • Spend time with patients at the hospital
  • Participate in community outreach
  • Help at the Nursery School / Feeding Program
  • Help care for and play with the orphans
  • Garden or crop cultivation
  • Aid in building construction
  • Work with widows’ groups
  • Join our environment conservation teams
  • Please also come with your fresh ideas, we are ready to receive them

There are plenty of one-day volunteer opportunities in Uganda in whatever field of study you want to play in.

Benefits of One Day Volunteering Program

  • Choosing the project according to your personal preferences
  • Participating in volunteer projects where and when it’s convenient for you
  • Creating a connection with many people and expand your social circles

While long-term volunteer opportunities are great for cultural immersion, there are perks to short-term volunteer positions: days fly by in the wink of an eye, boredom doesn’t exist, greater flexibility in placement. As there is no time to linger, the carpe diem spirit is strong as days are maximized with opportunities and events.

Short-term volunteer placements also tend to be more project-based (build a school, plant 1,000 trees, clean a community –play ground), so there is the satisfaction of seeing an entire mission play out.

When it comes to one-day volunteer opportunities within long-term projects (farming, increasing literacy, helping with elderly and youth), it is important to keep your eye on the long-term goal, contribute the skills that you possess, and know your contribution in the final picture.

You can’t teach a child to read in one week or one- day, but your alphabet jingle will become a big part of their journey. Similarly, it’s difficult to rebuild an entire forest in two days, but the trees that you do plant become forever rooted in the rainforest ecosystem forever.

At Ssamba Foundation, we found the formula that makes volunteering fun and allows people to volunteer in Uganda- that is One-day volunteering program- but be warned… it’s addictive. Buy here Your Travel Insurance

How to Apply:

Please write to us, list of your skills/interests and when you would like to come over. Our one day volunteering programs are pretty popular, so try to apply a day or two in advance of when you’re traveling.

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