Your Uganda Volunteer Adventure

The Uganda volunteer adventure projects in Uganda are based in Kyampisi Subcounty, a rural community with over 60 villages in Mukono district. An up and coming community based tourism hotspot with relaxed villages, farms and culture sites.

You will be able to easily explore everything else Uganda has to offer, such as the Mabira forest experience, Kampala city or head to the west for gorilla tracking and wildlife safari with easy transport links and our organized weekend trips.

The community based projects will offer an insight into the Ugandan way of life and everyone will provide you with the warmest of welcomes so you feel at home from day one.

Our programs start every first Sunday of every month throughout the year and you can choose to join us from 1-12 weeks.

Our structured and safe programs make volunteering in Uganda ideal for first time and / or solo travelers. Volunteering is the perfect way to meet like-minded people and allows you to explore Ugandan as a group.

You will be based outside the small T-junction town of Kalagi, where you will start and end your volunteering trip no matter which program you choose.

Uganda is renowned for its diverse and fascinating wildlife, including mountain gorillas! Get up close and personal with these iconic animals while topping up your tan – with sunshine!

Volunteering is FREE, you pay for your accommodation and meals after 4 weeks of free living.

Join our programs run and managed by Ssamba Foundation

Stay and Live with us at Ssamba Homestay (Mukono Volunteers’ Home)

Explore Uganda on our weekend tours and safaris with Ssamba Tours & Travel

How to Apply:

Please write to us, list of your skills/interests and when you would like to come to Uganda and volunteer your experience. Our Uganda volunteer adventure is pretty popular, so try to apply well in advance of when you’re traveling.

You must arrive around the scheduled dates of the month. We have a 2 weeks minimum and a 3-months maximum. If you want to stay longer, we’ll work it out if the space is available.

The Cost:

Volunteering in Uganda is free, as it should be, No Program Fees!  No weekly fees! At Ssamba Foundation, we appreciate and allow you to use your compassion to help make the world a better place at no cost to you!

All you have to do, is to book your placement with a one-time, donation of USD$200 (180€ or £150) only (per person)!

Donations and fundraising:

We have however, set up the challenge (not mandatory though) for all volunteers coming/interested to volunteer with Ssamba Foundation in Uganda to throw themselves into fundraising and aim to bring a donation! We know you can do it!

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