Partner With Us

Public and private partners are a key component of Ssamba Foundation’s success. In addition to critical financial support, many of our partners provide technical and expertise advice that we can leverage empower vulnerable communities where we work.

Ssamba Foundation works with companies, governments, international development agencies, charitable foundations and individuals, to grow and nurture an effective and sustainable network that creates impact for underserved communities.

Partnering with us offers you the opportunity to:

Connect your brand to a unique, trusted nonprofit that’s making a positive impact in vulnerable communities in Uganda.

Why partner with us:

  • We believe in partnerships.
  • We are not looking for “clients” or “customers” but for partners.
  • We believe in long-term relationships that bring value to both parties.

Community Partnerships: Partnership, Participation, Progress

The method by which change is brought about is as important as the change itself. If change is inflicted on a person or community then it is likely to be resisted and the process likely to fail. The process of change must therefore be both desired and inclusive.

Our approach is to work in partnership with the community, collaborating with them, ensuring their full and active participation in the process. This reduces our role to simply one of facilitators, mentors and monitors.

Our role in the partnerships we build with the community’s formal and informal leaders is to bring external knowledge, skills, know-how and funds to the table to complement, enhance and build upon the existing skills, knowledge and passion. In this way we help turn their words and aspirations into projects that can help deliver what is needed to assist in the holistic process of change.

The communities understand that no single project is going to alleviate their poverty but that a number of projects focused on the 5 key areas will have a lasting positive impact and ought to provide them with the skills, knowledge and wherewithal to defeat poverty. It is important therefore for our donors also to understand that each project is but one spoke in the wheel of success and that the strength of the wheel/success comes from the combined efforts of each project.

The process of monitoring that we have both adopted and adapted is called ‘Outcome Mapping’ and is a participatory process. The project participants in identifying what success looks like highlight the obstacles that they envisage as are preventing them from achieving that success. We then develop the program around developing the skills, knowledge and opportunities that will facilitate success.

Progress is then measured against the obstacles and the impact is determined through surveys, interviews and group discussions. For more information about how to partner with us, please contact our Development Team.