Projects You Can Support

Find a project you are excited about, and help meet a specific need! FAQs about Donations

Project 001 – Sponsor an Orphan or Vulnerable Child’s Education

Your sponsorship will begin upon receipt of your first sponsorship donation. Please allow four to six weeks to hear from your godchild. You can make a wonderful difference in the life of a child by becoming a godparent to a child supported by Ssamba Foundation. It’s also a wonderful way to learn more about the daily activities of our children. You will receive regular updates on your godchild’s academic and social progress, a Christmas card with a new photo every year and replies to all of your letters. See what a difference you can make in the life of a child. Learn More about our Godparent Program.

Can you help? Donate online USD300 | School Year Donate Now


Project 002 – Empower a Woman Start a Small Business 

The idea of women micro-finance is simple yet empowering. Micro-finance is the extension of small loans to entrepreneurs who are too poor to qualify for traditional bank loans. The loans are typically short-term ( 12 months, six months or less), are not secured by collateral, and require repayment in weekly installments. Learn More about our Micro credit Program. 

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Project 003 – Help a Rural Village Get Access To Clean Water 

Ssamba Foundation upgrades the water ponds into protected spring wells or constructs new clean water boreholes. The existing water places in many villages are in very poor condition. They are fed by ground water but without a confinement; groundwater mixes with surface flow that is contaminated by excreta from cattle, sheep and chicken that graze in the surrounding. The poor water quality leads to frequent diarrhea diseases that can be life-threatening especially for children. Learn More about our Borehole Drilling Program.

Can you help? Donate online USD7,080 | Per Borehole Donate Now


Project 004 – Buy Two Goats for a Widow or Child Headed Family

The Goats ProjectThe project is called Goats for Family Improvement Program and intends to facilitate economic sustainability for vulnerable women (especially widows) and vulnerable children (especially in child headed families) in the most vulnerable communities of Kyampisi Subcounty. This project is designed to provide an income generating opportunity specifically for vulnerable children, women and their families who are affected by poverty and unable to support themselves by ensuring self-sustainability and guaranteeing that they are in a position to meet their basic needs (i.e. food, water, shelter) and support their school dues like school fees and medical treatment. Learn more about our Goats Program.

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Project 005 – Office Laptop Computers 

In order for the Project Managers to have a reliable and good means of communication, they need to replace the old laptops that are not working as they should. We need good working laptops to help us do meaningful work.

Can you help? Donate online USD500 | Per Laptop Donate Now


Project 006 – Cellphones for Community Representatives 

Imagine trying to run a life-changing project without being able to talk with your colleagues. That’s the problem Community Representatives face in rural areas of Kyampisi – vast distances, no post, unaffordable purchase price on local incomes. This project aims to provide cellphones in strategic locations for coordinating Ssamba Foundation work in Uganda. You may wonder why smartphones? The internet capability provides the needed remote learning opportunities.

Can you help? Donate online USD250 | Per Handset Donate Now