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Project 001 – Project Calendars for 2022

The objective of this project is to promote the organization and sensitize the communities about the work of Ssamba Foundation in Uganda. The 4000 nicely printed calendars will be district across Mukono district and possibly Kampala and Jinja. They are both useful and contain information about the Ssamba Foundation programs and they are an ideal gift to give to community members, schools and health centers alike when promoting and sharing about the organization.

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Project 002 – Field Bicycles 2022

This project will allow 20 bicycles to be purchased allowing greater mobility and distances to be travelled by Community Representatives in the Kyampisi Subcounty. More outreach projects and teams will be able to be visited in far less time thus allowing the Community Representatives to operate much more effectively and efficiently.

Can you help? Donate online USD4,130 | Donate Now


Project 003 – Community Resource Centre Borehole Drilling Project 2022

The Namanganga village where the community resource centre is being built has had a series of dry spells for more than 3 years. In 2020-2021 there was a critical water crisis across the village. Most water sources including dams, and even water tables depleted badly which led to the suspension of the projects. Having a guaranteed water supply would be hugely helpful and encouraging for all concerned.

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Project 004 – Field Motorcycles 2022

This project will provide the Filed Coordinators with two motorbikes that will enable them to cover a greater distance much easier and without the restrictions of public transport. Training and following up teams and Community Representatives and individuals will be much easier and less restrictive with our own motorcycles.

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Project 005 – Office Laptop Computers 2022

In order for the Project Managers to have a reliable and good means of communication, they need to replace the old laptops that are not working as they should. We need three good working laptops to help us do meaningful work.

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Project 006 – Cellphones for Community Representatives 2022

Imagine trying to run a life-changing project without being able to talk with your colleagues. That’s the problem Community Representatives face in rural areas of Kyampisi – vast distances, no post, unaffordable purchase price on local incomes. This project aims to provide 10 cellphones in strategic locations for coordinating Ssamba Foundation work in Uganda. You may wonder why smartphones? The internet capability provides the needed remote learning opportunities.

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Project 007- Kyampisi Chicken Project 2022

Ssamba Foundation team is ready and determined to work to raise funds for the day-to day operations. An income generating venture of chicken farming has been chosen too. The joint venture will be 50/50 with the farmer providing the land. Ssamba Foundation share is to fund a suitable building and supply the chickens. Can you help?  Donate online USD4,495. | Donate Now


Project 008 – Kyampisi Tents Project 2022

Kyampisi Tent ProjectThis project is a service provider activity. It will entail the hiring out of tents, utensils, plastic chairs and tables, tarpaulins, mobile toilets, stage mounting equipment etc. These items will be stocked and hired to people organizing various functions such as weddings, birthday parties and public ceremonies.

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Project 009 – Executive Chairman’s Office Fund

Charged with imparting vision, direction, inspiration and encouragement to the foundation around the country, the Executive Chairman needs to travel and the office to operate. The Executive Chairman office communication budget may also need boosting.   Donate online. Thanks. | Donate Now



Project 010 – Printing Field Materials

Ssamba Foundation field manuals, sensitization materials, training manuals, counselling booklets are basic requirements of the program. Without them, people cannot be trained effectively. In order for the work to advance among the local people, a good supply of material is required. Can you help? Donate online USD825 | Donate Now


Project 011 – Folding Sketch boards

Sketch-boards are central to the Ssamba Foundation Program. Every outreach uses one. This project is to make 10 folding sketchboards for our field office in Kyampisi. A traditional sketch board is large and difficult to transport. Folding sketchboards open up like a suitcase and are approx 1.2m x 50cm and the legs fit into the case meaning they are easier to take onto public transport or carry on a bicycle or on your head. Can you help? Donate online USD645 | Donate Now


Project 012 – Kyampisi Soy Beans 2022

Ssamba Foundation team is working hard on income generation projects to fund the organization. This soybean project will be led by a qualified agronomist and is another step along the way to our goal of self-funding within 2 years. We are looking at planting 3 acres of Soy beans. Could you help with seed money? Donate online USD1,175. | Donate Now Perhaps you have a $100? Every bit will help.


Project 013 – Kyampisi Beans project 2022

Beans will be planted on 5 acres of rented land near Luweero district using some hired labour. The land is fertile and does not need fertilizer. There is a good market for beans in the area. Five acres of beans once harvested and sold will raise a good profit which will put back into the project and the surplus used to fund our agriculture program.

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Project 014 – Kyampisi Field Office equipment 2022

We recently got an office space to establish a field office in Kyampisi. The painting was well covered but now the challenge is equipping the office with furniture to start full operation of the space.  Desks and Tables and carpentry work is required.

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