Independence Monument of Uganda 

The Independence Monument of Uganda is an historical symbol comprised of an imposing art work showing a woman standing firmly on the ground with her legs slightly parted while hoisting a baby in the air.

This huge towering concrete watches over Kampala and its people since it stares down to the Grand Imperial Hotel and Standard Chartered Bank to the left and stands behind a wall fence of Sheraton Hotel overlooking Speke Road and Nile Avenue.

This monument is of a woman wrapped all over her body and pensively looks as the little boy she has in her hands raises his hands in triumph. As the child beckons the sky in his triumphant jubilation, his mother seems to ponder the future.

The monument work begun months before 9th October 1962 and was done by Gregory Maloba who was a sculptor from Kenya studying and teaching art at Makerere University between 1939 and 1965.

He had been commissioned to execute the work basing on his long term experience as a teacher and sculptor in a well known institute as well as his well documented track record at the time.

Also basing on the fact that Makerere had gained stature as the leading art school in East Africa at that time; him being one of the few lectures then made him the best qualified person to take on the project and was assisted by one of his graduate student, John Kisaka.

In details, this artistic and symbolic monument that has much significance to Uganda as a country is portrayed by;

  • A female figures grows like a tree and the artistic represents the tree of life since the mother’s feet are planted on an enormous triangle emulating a powerful trunk to the universe.
  • The child has his hands raised and signifies sprouting branches as its continuous flow of generations.
  • The image joyfully celebrates life and self determination thus displaying how irresistible the forces of life and freedom are.

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