Makulungo Forest Reserve

Makulungo Forest Reserve, (locally known as Nakuzesinze forest) found in Butambala District was among the over 500 central forest reserves in Uganda managed by the National Forest Authority, currently managed under the Butambala District Local Government.

The total area of land covered is 12,657.47 km² or 6.3% of the total land area of Uganda. They compose of natural forest like moist semi-deciduous forests and forest plantations mainly of pine and eucalyptus species. Legal activities done under the NFA are harvesting timber, re-planting and tourism.

Unfortunately Makulungo forest reserve which measures about 2.1km2 has been encroached upon by private developers and local farmers. Over 20 years ago Makulungo forest reserve was a thick forest with large trees, dark shadows and unidentifiable animal sounds, this forest was one of the spookiest places in Mpigi District (now Butambala District).

Makulungo forest has several kinds of tree species, swamps, streams, birds, monkeys, medicinal plants and it needs to be preserved for future generations. If the district focuses on eco-tourism as a way of promoting community tourism in the area, Makulugo forest reserve can be a key contributor to its revenue generation.

Activities: Forest Walks, Mountain Biking, Bird Watching, Environmental Education and Research, Camping and Picnics, Primate Watching, Butterfly Identification and general Forest Exploration.

Accommodation: At the moment there are no developed accommodation facilities at the forest reserve, more so in the entire Butambala district. Even the nearest Kibibi Town is popularly known as a town with no hotel!

However, the Ssamba Safaris is in the process of completing its proposal to the district council to run eco-tours and conservation activities in the forest and this will including construction of eco-friendly bandas and camping grounds.

At the moment if you are visiting Butambala and you need accommodation, Ssamba Safaris can help you find a Host Family for Homestay Accommodation!

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