Musita-Namayingo-Busia Road

With Ssamba Foundation launching projects in Namayingo district of Uganda, Ssamba Safaris and Ssamba Foundation teams cruised the newly tarmacked extremely smooth Musita- Mayuge-Namayingo- Busia road and we realized its one of the beautiful roads in Uganda.

This road offers one of the best road trips in the country. The strangely-shaped beautiful rocks are some of the attractions of along this road.

These rocks are unique in shape and have a charm all of their own. Some look like animals, some look like huge balls, they are amazing.

The Musita–Mayuge–Lumino–Majanji–Busia Road is a road in the Eastern Region of Uganda, connecting the town of Musita in Mayuge District to Busia in Busia District at the international border with Kenya

The road starts at Musita, a small town on the Jinja–Iganga road, approximately 25 kilometres (16 mi) east of Jinja. The road continues in an easterly direction, through Mayuge, Namayingo, and Lumino. At Lumino, a southern spur, measuring about 10 kilometres (6 mi), goes south to Majanji on the northern shores of Lake Victoria. The main road makes a northerly turn to end at the border town of Busia.

The road connects the districts of Mayuge, Bugiri, Namayingo, and Busia. As described, including the spur to Majanji, the entire road project measures 104 kilometres (65 mi).

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