Ssezibwa Waterfalls Mukono

Ssezibwa Waterfalls are located along Kampala- Jinja Highway in the heart of Mukono District and are one of Uganda’s hidden cultural treasures. This site offers visitors beautiful views of waterfalls amidst sharp edged rocks and a splendid sound of them plunging down the dented rocks.

The Ssezibwa waterfalls in Mukono are stunning serene nature that leaves a mouthwatering awe look and feel experience of wow as you face the true beauty of Uganda. As you trail in a distance, it appears to be just a white noisy stream of water descending the rocky outcrops but the closer you get to the ware falls, the louder the noise steadily increases.

Sezibwa waterfalls is based on a Baganda mythology legend and according to it; the falls was born as a Twin river to a human mother Nakkungu Tebatusa as she was on her way to Kavuma Bukunja.

It is said that the river was an active spirit that overcame obstacles in it way and hence named Ssezibwa derived from a Luganda phrase “sizibirwa kkubo” which loosely translates to “my path can never be blocked” because its flow could not be stopped despite the different obstacles it encountered along path.

It also believed that Nalongo Kkubo another spirit helped Sezibwa because of its determination to overcome obstacles along its way and that currently it took a physical form of a snake which resides in one of the rock caves.

Ssezibwa waterfalls are an important cultural site of Buganda Kingdom and an official site; especially regarding the nature of its birth. The waterfalls are adorned with several cultural artifacts like caves, trees and special rocks of deep cultural significance to the Baganda.

There is a trail that enables one to walk/ hike up the top of the falls and across the waters before they cascade into a seven meter fall. Those that are interested in swimming in the stream can do so and it much more fun when you jump off the cliff of on top the falls to the stream.

Ssezibwa waterfalls Mukono has beautiful sights of racked rocks good for an interesting rock climbing experience. The good thing is that they are not too difficult or high to enable any hiker though they are enough to give you a rock climbing experience.

Ssezibwa falls offers a public campsite for people looking forward to spend a night in the mini wild. The grounds are a few meters away from the waterfalls. There is a restaurant for meals and a bar that offers a variety of drinks; both hard and soft are available.

For bird watchers, Sezibwa falls is endowed with a number of bird species hence a lovely birding paradise where birders can go for a day. Some of the birds resident here are red chested cuckoo, cormorant birds, lesser stripped swallows, woodland king fisher to mention but a few.

Ssamba Safaris organizes daily and weekend tours to Ssezibwa falls through our Mukono Discovery Tour or Uganda Waterfalls Tours.

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