The Source of River Nile Uganda

The big question among many geographers and explorers/ discoverers for thousands of years has been where the exact source of the Nile is. With many lakes and rivers pouring waters into this mighty river, this subject could be a matter of constant speculation.

In August 1858 during the Victorian age, explore John Speke became the first European to see Lake Victoria and the source of River Nile in Uganda. From its birthplace in Lake Nalubaale (Victoria) water spills out as the river begins its long journey of 4000 miles to the Mediterranean Sea through South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt.

You can access the Nile through its western (Njeru) or eastern banks (Jinja) though it is far more accessible in Jinja. This is because Jinja is regarded to be the adventure town of the country and a hive of many touristic activities for a weekend gate away from the bustle of the city or a long week of work out in the field.

When you drive or ride to the source of the river Nile in Uganda, you are welcomed by beautiful garden in the vicinity as well as the warm receptionists and guides whose smiles will blow your minds away. Then the commonwealth drum that was constructed in 2007 to commemorate the coming of Queen Elizabeth II as well the heads of states that attended.

Next to the drum are the craft shops with African native pieces from across the country and you are free to buy if interested especially if you have limited time for shopping of souvenirs. This place harbors some monuments of historical importance to the Nile such as Mahatma Ghandi whose ashes were sprinkled here after cremation according to his will, John Speke Monument on the western banks that was set up in honour of him as the first explorer to discover the Nile.

You will then be taken to Rippon falls that were submerged with the construction of the dam. Since you will be on the shores of the Nile, you will take a motorized boat to where the river waters start separating from the lake waters and the spot is marked with a sign post. When water levels are low, bubbles can be seen coming upwards.

With the subsequent construction of the dams, water levels upstream have increased over the years making it hard to step on the slab for photos. You can have then while in the boat, SunTrack Adventure’s guides can be of good help in a time like this.

A cruise on the Nile means amazing scenery as this river curves through the country with sections through communities, sights of fishermen, gardens, homes with beautiful energetic children that are usually excited to see boats on these waters. The cruise also covers a small section of Lake Victoria especially along its banks in Jinja, a longer trip can be arranged at an extra cost.

The Source of the Nile cruises are classified into a number and you can take part on any of these with SunTrack Adventures. These are: the Nile cruise (done anytime of the day), the Nile sunset cruise, Nile lunchtime Cruise, (lunch on board) and Nile Family Cruise among others.

Other Activities that can be done on the River Nile

  • Bird Watching
  • Sport Fishing
  • Jet boating
  • Bungee jumping
  • Kayaking
  • Squad biking
  • Horse riding on the shores.

Ssamba Safaris organizes daily and weekend tours to Jinja city, and you can get the life time opportunity to explore the Source of River Nile in Jinja, Uganda.

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