World’s Smallest Church

Yes, the world’s smallest church is in Uganda, Nebbi district. Bethel Chapel seats at jaw-dropping beautiful rolling hills of Biku, in Erussi subcounty in Nebbi district.

Around this church are nine prayer points which allow people to pray, praise and meditate on the word of God.

Bethel Chapel accommodates three people including the priest. It was built around 1996 by Korean Pastor Song with the help of retired Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Henry Luke Orombi, the place is managed by the Anglican Church of Uganda.

This place is BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING and RELAXING. This small chapel consumed 79 bags of cement and it was constructed to last atleast 500 years before the weakening of the foundation.

This chapel was built with a mission to help Christians have a special interaction with God once they reach the hill and to have a very personal service, the magnificent but tiny building is built of stones with a height of 8ft and a width of 2.5 metres.

If you love faith tourism, then visiting Nebbi district is the best choice for you to catch a glimpse of the exceptional Bethel church.

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