School Refurbishment Project

Many of rural schools are structured makeshift huts, with no proper doors, windows, or walls. With simple infrastructure, the schools in these rural areas are extremely prone to the natural elements like rain water leaking through roofs, mould developing on the walls and termites. There is also insufficient furniture, chairs and desks to cater to each child. Our organization supports many rural schools with infrastructure development and support with furniture.

School Refurbishment Project

Ssamba Foundation is working in rural Uganda where the majority of people live on less than $1 a day. Our School Refurbishment Project is providing clean, safe and inspiring learning environments.

The Ugandan Government introduced Universal Primary Education (UPE) and Universal Secondary Education. This meant that children from very poor families could attend School for free and this was a good step towards improving education system.

However, this also put a huge strain onto an already overcrowded education system. Schools were already Overcrowded Dilapidated with many condemned buildings Lacking Resources, lacking qualified teachers and schools have struggled to cope.

In 2022, we have set ourselves a 5-year plan to renovate and refurbish all public Primary and Secondary Schools in the Kyampisi Sub-county, Mukono District, Uganda.

What does that mean?

  • Building pit latrines
  • Installing water catchment tanks
  • Demolishing condemned classrooms and rebuilding,
  • Building new additional classrooms to reduce class sizes
  • Renovating existing classrooms – fixing windows, doors, concreting floors,
  • Painting the entire school inside and out including teaching aids on the classroom walls

Teaching Aids:

Most Schools in Uganda cannot afford text books for the pupils. We therefore paint teaching aids on the classroom walls to assist the teachers.

Rain Water Harvesting Tanks for Schools:

Rainwater harvesting is the act of collecting rainwater. The rainwater is stored for various kinds of use at the school. This project has been designed to identify and help rural schools with either no, or very limited access to water by installing a rain water harvesting system and water storage tanks which will allow them to collect and store rain water to help especially during the long dry seasons. 

School Furniture Project:

A desk and bench construction project designed to provide vulnerable schools in Kyampisi Subcounty with comfortable and adequate school furniture. 

How can you help?

  • Organize a fundraising event
  • Volunteer in Uganda
  • Donate Funds to support

“One Child at a Time and One School at a Time” will change the community.