Sponsor a Vulnerable Child

Sponsoring a vulnerable child through Ssamba Foundation is a truly unique, life changing experience; not only for you as a sponsor, but also for the life of the child you are supporting. For many children in Uganda, a proper education is just a dream. With your help and support, Ssamba Foundation can make these dreams a reality for children who would otherwise fall through the gaps.

The unique thing about supporting a child through Ssamba Foundation is that we ensure that there is a strong line of communication maintained between the sponsor and their student. The level of involvement is entirely up to you: we will happily send you school reports, photo albums and letters from the child you are sponsoring, so that you can share in their life changing experiences. You can see their progress as they grow and develop, as a direct result of your ongoing support.


How does sponsorship work?

A monthly sponsorship of $30 will directly enable your sponsored child to receive: Education, Counselling and Career Guidance, Educational Materials, School Uniforms, Medical Care, and Meals (porridge at breakfast and a lunchtime meal). Sponsorship can be either arranged as a monthly recurring amount, or a single donation for a school year.

How many children are supported by Ssamba Foundation?

Currently, there are 134 children in the whole program. But the number of children constantly fluctuates as new children join and older children leave the program as they reach adulthood.

May I send a gift to my child?

Small gifts such as stickers, drawings, photos of your family, cards, coloring books, clothes, shoes or small monetary gifts may be sent to your godchild through our office. 

How to Help

Becoming a sponsor through our godparent program, you help a child in two ways. First, by developing a relationship that strengthens the child’s self-esteem; and second, by providing ongoing financial support for the care of all of the children.