Ssamba Foundation Programs


AIDS and other diseases, armed conflict, natural disasters, forced displacement and extreme poverty leave millions of children orphaned, separated, or on the brink of family breakdown. These children need and have a right to be protected and cared for.

Close to 5000 children and their families every year benefits directly from Ssamba Foundation. Through well-planned and comprehensive welfare and social support projects and livelihoods support initiatives.

Through a number of initiatives and working directly with our grassroots development partners, we provide education, healthcare, social services, and basic necessities to orphans and vulnerable children throughout Mukono District . Our overall goal is support poor, orphans, vulnerable and marginalized children and their families, leading to improvement in their lives.

  1. Children Healthcare Services
  2. Education Support Services
  3. Children Environment Conservation activities
  4. Housing & Basic Needs Support
  5. Nutrition & Food Support


The youth empowerment program was established to empower young people to contribute meaningfully to the socio-economic and sustainable development of their communities. Its objective is to support the youth between the ages of 15 to 25 years through skills training and internship modules to transit from a situation of unemployment to that of employment.

Ssamba Foundation has been helping young people gain knowledge about themselves, their sexuality, and employment preparation; exploring attitudes and skills about growing up, gender roles, risk-taking, and ethnic diversity; and equipping young people with a range of skills to make them active members of their local communities and to succeed in life.

Where necessary, we deliver literacy and numeracy training on top of life skills programs. Also, Ssamba Foundation delivers training for youth in essential skills for succeeding in wage and self-employment, including building young people’s capacity for business development, and equipping them with employability skills such as time & stress management, interpersonal relations, problem solving, goal-setting, decision-making, negotiation, communications, confidence building, teamwork, among others.

  1. Youth Healthcare Services
  2. Youth Recreational Activities
  3. Skills Training Projects
  4. Leadership & Mentorship Services


Ssamba Foundation’s women empowerment program is aimed at improving the social and economic future of rural, semi-urban and slum women through a number of initiatives that promote gender equality. We are empowering the Ugandan women with the skills, tools and support needed to become vital members of their community.

  1. Women Healthcare Services
  2. Skills Training Projects
  3. MicroCredit Financing


The goal of our program is to improve the livelihoods of people with disabilities and the elderly through a number of sustainable projects and initiatives. Ssamba Foundation creates opportunities for persons with disabilities and caring for the elderly. We strive to help these older women and men overcome poverty and lead healthy, secure and dignified lives.


Ssamba Foundation is improving the life of vulnerable and marginalized communities through a number of grassroots development programs that are focusing on capacity empowerment, economic empowerment and social development projects.

  1. Water and Sanitation
  2. Agriculture Development
  3. Peace building & Human Rights
  4. Community Resource Centres
  5. Renewable Energy