The Clean Water Program

In many rural areas of Uganda, thousands of people don’t have access to pure clean water. Many vulnerable people die of water borne diseases like Bilharzias, Typhoid, and other water bone related diseases. Ssamba Foundation believes that water and sanitation improvements affect health primarily by interrupting or reducing the transmission of disease agents.

To enhance access to safe water supply and hygienic sanitation across the vulnerable rural areas of Mukono District, the Ssamba Foundation has invested in the construction of community boreholes, spring wells, hand-washing stands and household latrines. Since 2012, over 39,134 people in rural areas across Mukono district were provided with access to improved water sources under the project.

Approach and Strategy

In response to the water and sanitation crisis in Mukono District, since 2012, the Ssamba Foundation has supported vulnerable rural communities of Mukono district to improve safe water availability.  Ssamba Foundation is working to provide an improved supply of clean drinking water for the local people by constructing protected boreholes while implementing hygiene measures to reduce the spread of sickness.

Ssamba Foundation

The project WASH contributed to the following results from 2012 to 2020:

  • Provision of sand water filters to needy families
  • Construction of rain water harvesting structures
  • Rehabilitation of 7 existing broken water boreholes.
  • Construction of hygienic toilets for needy households.
  • Construction of 8 brand new boreholes across rural areas.
  • Construction of 6 protected spring wells, by upgrading of water ponds.
  • Construction of hand washing stands  and tee-pee taps at community schools.


Adopt A Borehole Project:

By becoming an Adopt-A-Borehole sponsor, donor or fundraiser you will help ensure that the vulnerable communities in Mukono district who previously had no access to clean safe water, will now have a borehole to access water. With a donation of USD$10000 you can make the full adoption amount possible to build one borehole serving between 700-3000 people. With a donation of USD$4500, you can Adopt A Spring Well Project or with USD$2800 you can Adopt a Rain Water Harvesting Tank for a school or USD$800 buy a Rain Water /Collection Tank for a Needy Family.

Rural communities located in Mukono District and those who have no access to safe clean water are the main beneficiaries from the project. Increasing the quantity of water allows for better hygiene practices. Raising the quality of drinking water reduces the ingestion of pathogens. With less disease, children can eat and absorb more food, thereby improving their nutritional status.

Also, a healthier adult population is a more productive population, and improvements in water and sanitation can improve income and the capacity to acquire food. Other benefits associated with better water delivery include time savings for primary caregivers, which can result in the preparation of more or better food for children.