The Goats Project

Kyampisi Subcounty is situated in Mukono District 27 km north of Mukono town which lies at the main road from Mukono to Kayunga district. The Subcounty inhabitants exclusively live on subsistence farming. 95% of the 56 villages making up the Subcounty can be reached only with private cars or motorcycle taxis. Thus the economic situation is especially difficult. The number of families headed by children below the age of 18years after the death of both their parents and widows who are living as single mothers after the death of their husband who are left with nothing to support their families is increasing at the rapid rate.  (Kyampisi Subcounty Economic Development report 2020). Donate Two Goats to a Needy Family

The current situation of many families headed by children and single mothers who are in most cases widows are vulnerable and faced with lack of Food security since some don’t have enough land to farm due to culture inheritance “laws” and so many rely on food donations from the community, and the older children are usually forced to drop out of school and not being able to complete primary and secondary education so that they can support their young siblings, they lack basic needs like clothing, and psycho-social support in varies ways.

The Goats Project

The project is called Goats for Family Improvement Program and intends to facilitate economic sustainability for vulnerable women (especially widows) and vulnerable children (especially in child headed families) in the most vulnerable communities of Kyampisi Subcounty. This project is designed to provide an income generating opportunity specifically for vulnerable children, women and their families who are affected by poverty and unable to support themselves by ensuring self-sustainability and guaranteeing that they are in a position to meet their basic needs (i.e. food, water, shelter) and support their school dues like school fees and medical treatment.

Ssamba Foundation is deeply involved and working directly with the communities of Kyampisi Subcounty, we have carried out a needs assessment with families headed by children after when their parents passes on and we have also carried out a needs assessment with the families headed by widows after their husbands passes on and together we have come up with a goats rearing project. Donate Two Goats to a Needy Family

The project’s aims and objectives:

The objective is to offer vulnerable women, particularly widows and those living with HIV/AIDS, as well as vulnerable children, youth, and the elderly who have the relatively little to no income and equip them with skills in animal husbandry through an income generating project of goat rearing. Donate Two Goats to a Needy Family

Objectives breakdown:

  • Empowering families of widows and those headed by children with an income generating project
  • Improve the economic condition of the widows and child headed families as well as other sectors of society as a whole.
  • Train the women in income generative activities in order to generate enough money to support their families.
  • To set up a goats’ demonstration farm where women, youths and members of the general community will meet to train and seek information.
  • Train women and youth farmers to acquire more efficient management skills in agricultural production, animal husbandry and marketing.
  • Help women farmers to objectively focus on the needs of the family and the demands of the market and promote high value market-oriented animals.
  • Providing improved varieties of breeds of goats that are quick maturing and high yielding under average systems of management.

The Goats Project

How many people will directly benefit and how they were chosen:

Ssamba Foundation has identified and selected 100 families (100 people) as the first beneficiaries and we are proposing to buy 200 goats which will be distributed amongst the families and each family will receive 2 goats readily fertilized and the project will ultimately be self-supporting. The families have to give back the first litter to the project hence making the demonstration farm and in the future we shall be able to give more goats to more families.

Beneficiaries are comprised of vulnerable women, particularly widows and those living with HIV/AIDS, as well as vulnerable children, youth, and the elderly. With little to no income who have been affected by poverty and HIV/AIDS. Beneficiaries have also expressed willingness and demonstrate the ability to work and they have chosen goat rearing as an appropriate project for them since keeping goats is less risky in comparison to keeping bigger animals like cows and it is also easier to find food for a small animal like a goat and even small children can control them. Goats are quickly maturing animal with a high fertility rate. Goats are easily accepted by all members of society because it is an animal that is not segregated by culture or religion.

Criteria that will make them eligible to benefit

  • Families who can’t afford to pay school fees for their children or provision of basic needs.
  • A family should have land for rearing goats
  • A family should have children or other people at home who can help with goats.
  • The family should have the capacity to build a shelter for the goats;
  • The family should be capable of taking good care of the goats
  • A family should be of a widow (vulnerable), headed by a child (below 18) or an elderly woman

An annual waiting list with a set number of places (30) for future beneficiaries who have already undergone the initial training will be made.

Environmental sustainability:

In an effort to minimize harm to the environment, safeguarding resources for future generations for example reducing dependence on coal/oil, increasing recycling, reducing harmful waste products. This project will operate on common Ugandan standards. The droppings from the goats can be used to fertilize the soils together with improved farming methods. Donate Two Goats to a Needy Family

How To Support the Project:

You can support this project by adopting a family and give two goats. You can celebrate a holiday, birthday, or “just because” by donating funds or run fundraiser for goats for a needy family.

You can buy two goats for a family in honor of a loved one, memory of a loved one or celebrate the special people and events in your life by supporting our goats project in Uganda. 

The Goats Project

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