The READS Program

Rural Education and Development Support (READS) program aims to help improve on the quality of education in rural communities of Uganda. The program aims to support rural schools and learning centers by increasing the amount of learning materials available to students and teachers, establishing classroom libraries and promotion of reading culture. 


For decades, people have flocked out of rural towns to the big cities, drawn by the bright lights and the allure of better lives. Unfortunately, the same rings true for education. In Uganda, inequity between the quality of education in rural and urban schools remains an unresolved challenge. While the education system in urban areas is not in a top shape as well, it is the rural education scenario which is the benchmark of a country’s progress.

According to the Annual Performance Report, the number of students going to school in rural Uganda is increasing. However, more than 50% of the students in the 5th grade is not capable of reading a text book of 3rd grade. They do not know how to solve basic mathematical problems.

Hence, instead of focusing on uplifting literacy rate, it is time that we focus on quality education. Children are required to be empowered with the quality education and the knowledge that can be applied in their real life.


Ssamba Foundation is taking certain steps to improving rural education systems in Kyampisi Subcounty in Mukono District of Uganda. This Rural Education and Development Support program promotes and improve the quality of education and information consumed in rural communities. The main focus is lifelong education system for sustainable development and improvement on the quality of education for rural schools.

Our READS program contains the following community driven projects addressing the fundamental issues to ensure quality of education to all at grassroots: 

Teaching Volunteer Project

Teaching Volunteer Project

Education is the key to a child’s success in Uganda. Ssamba Foundation’s teaching volunteer project...

School Refurbishment Project

Many of rural schools are structured makeshift huts, with no proper doors, windows, or walls...

School Meals Project

Hunger keeps hundreds of children out of school around the district. As their parents often...

Godparent Project

You can make a wonderful difference in the life of a child by becoming a...