Sipi Falls Abseiling Experience

The Sipi Falls Abseiling Experience can only be done during the 2 Days Sipi Falls Safari. The area around the Sipi Falls is serene place that cannot be enjoyed in one day, hence the reason we recommend and organize a 2 days’ tour to Sipi Falls at the Mt. Elgon.

Apart from the main activity of hiking to see the three Sipi falls, our volunteers and tourists alike can choose to take part in other activities within the area such as the Sipi Falls Abseiling Experience.

Abseiling refers to the skill of climbing down steep rocks or slopes with a firm device fastened to your harness. The Sipi Falls are arguably the best place for abseiling. Well trained guides arrange for abseiling on a certain section of the main Sipi Falls.

For adrenaline seekers, this activity is definitely one you must do. Standing on the top of the highest Sipi waterfall you will get a short briefing about the abseiling. You will put your abseiling gear on and get to the edge of the drop-off. This is when the adrenaline kicks in.

Slowly hanging your body off the cliff and starting with the slow descent to the bottom of the waterfall. You will have time to enjoy the amazing view and have a mind-blowing experience. The instructors will take care of your safety and take pictures, and videos of your experience.


For rock climbers, Sipi offers several routes for climbers of different levels. The routes are from easy to difficult and there are 14 routes in total. One can easily spend more than 3 hours climbing the different routes.

Climbing gear is provided at the place. Experienced instructors are there to brief you and take care of all safety aspects. Rock climbing in Sipi is a lot of fun and adventure when done the right way. It is a great exercise for the body as well.

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