Uganda Kayaking Experience

Uganda Kayaking Experience

Wanderlust Adventures organizes the Uganda Kayaking Experience on the white waters of the mighty river Nile for our volunteers and tourists alike. Uganda offers some of the world’s most stunning settings for kayaking.  From mild to wild, amateur to expert, the Uganda Kayaking experience on the Nile has something for everyone. Take a leisurely two-hour kayak cruise or a grade 5 tandem kayak tour for a rush of adrenaline.

Warm water, sunshine, tropical islands, and the ideal beginning rapids ensure that a full day white water kayaking adventure provides you with an unforgettable experience in Uganda. Even if you’ve never been in a kayak before, you’ll soon be taking your path through the powerful Nile’s legendary crashing white waters and tackling your first rapids.


Jinja is considered the adventure capital of East Africa. All our trips starts early in the morning from our Kyampisi Backpackers Home (the volunteer house). Meet and greet, after you enjoy the drive to Jinja. You will get there in time for a short briefing.

This Kayaking experience is divided into two sections: a calm water introduction and an afternoon white water adventure. In the morning you will be introduced to Kayaking and here, you’ll learn the fundamental ideas — how to control your boat and where it travels, how to exit if necessary, and the basic strokes and techniques.

The section of white waters of the river Nile you will tackle on your first day of kayaking features an abundance of thrilling waves to surf, rapids to master, and eddy lines to explore. The area is deep, warm, and free of rocks, which is why it is also utilized for multi-day courses if you wish to improve your skills further.

Uganda Kayaking Experience
Uganda Kayaking Experience

Tandem Kayaking at Kayak the Nile:

If you are looking for the most exhilarating adrenaline rush down the Mighty Nile, then Tandem kayaking enables you to tackle some of the world’s most challenging rapids in a single day. With massive wave trains, smashing white water, and powerful hydraulics, it takes a collaborative effort between you and your guide to effectively navigate all of the rapids.

You’ll paddle alongside skilled tandem kayaking guides who know the river very well. Tandem kayaking is ideal for people who enjoy the notion of having their vessel, experiencing white water truly at river level, or simply for those who have done rafting previously and want to step it up.

Flat water kayaking:

Stable sit-on-top kayaks is the ideal method to appreciate the Nile’s gentler waters. Here, you can cruise past the Nile’s source with a drink in hand, learning about the region’s history and significance, observing the birds, and escaping the bumpy roads. This activity is good for those who like to float and relax on the waters while appreciating the beautiful views of surrounding scenery.

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