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You don’t need to be in Uganda to be a part of – or impact – at Ssamba Foundation. Countless supporters worldwide help to bring our work alive in their own communities. Our network of chapters brings success to the Ssamba Foundation’s work. Meet up with passionate, like-minded individuals and join a chapter near you.

What is Friends of Ssamba International?

Friends of Ssamba International are among our most active and influential supporters. It’s more than just giving once a month – it’s making a tangible difference around desperate rural communities of Uganda. As a Friend of Ssamba, we want you to feel connected to our work and excited about your role in making it attainable.

You choose the level of your impact by choosing the amount you would like to give every month and how you would like your gift to be used. Your first gift will be charged today. Beginning next month, your credit card will be automatically charged. You can change or cancel your monthly gift at any time.

When You Join, You Will:

  • Increase Ssamba Foundation’s impact in Uganda through sustainable funding year-round
  • Receive frequent updates and stories about the people helped by your gift
  • Rest easy knowing that needy communities in Uganda can succeed because of your generosity
  • Enjoy the ease of automatic monthly donations
  • Have the flexibility to change or cancel your monthly gift at any time
  • Unite with a community of givers dedicated to ending poverty

Once you are a member of the Friends of Ssamba International, you will be able to visit and take part in our projects without any extra costs to you.

Become a part of the Friends of Ssamba International – by supporting our work today.