Healthcare & Medical Volunteer Project

The Uganda medical volunteer project organized by the Ssamba Foundation every month offers skilled medical professionals and students with a chance to experience a new culture and working environment, while learning and developing their specialized medical knowledge. This is a very unique opportunity to gain first-hand medical experience working in Uganda.

The Uganda medical volunteer project run by Ssamba Foundation is best suited to professional medical and medical students aiming to gain valuable experience in a hospital or clinic medical setting and learning more about tropical diseases. Medical students gain practical medical and nursing experience.  You’ll also get to broaden your understanding of healthcare issues from another part of the world. 


The Uganda medical volunteer project provide free prevention education, health talks, awareness, counseling, testing, treatment, and other informational programs to communities of Mukono district. You can stay on the program from 2 weeks to 12 weeks. 

Our medical volunteers provide services such as: vaccinations for different diseases, family planning, screening and treatment for general diseases, epilepsy clinics, dental services, cervical cancer screening, eye care, voluntary counseling and testing for HIV, antenatal care, vitamin-A supplementation, and de-worming or getting involved in the theater.

Participants can also get involved in the rural outreach medical camps (if available). The big turnout is always a clear indication of the urgent need for medical care in these rural communities. The numbers of different medications needed to treat the many different illnesses is high. The Uganda healthcare volunteer project give many people the rare opportunity to see medical professionals.

People are treated directly at the medical camps when possible. Those cases that are not within the capabilities of the camps, are referred to better equipped facilities and the local hospitals. As an example, during one medical camp, the screening process identified nine women with cervical cancer. We were able to diagnose and refer these women for treatment early enough to potentially save their lives.

Uganda medical volunteer project


Your exact role at the Uganda healthcare volunteer program will be determined by your level of medical experience as well as by the enthusiasm and effort which you show to the local staff. You may find more practical opportunities arise once you get to know the local staff and if you can demonstrate a good understanding of local medical conditions.

Ssamba Foundation strives to improve the health conditions of children and adults in poor communities of Uganda through various medical and healthcare intervention projects. If you are currently studying or recently graduated this medical program in Uganda will boost your resume / CV and allow you to help people in the developing world.

Uganda medical volunteer project

The type of hands on work you will be allocated will depend to an extent on your own abilities and capabilities, which is understandable given that you will be dealing with patient health and safety. Volunteers/Interns are not allowed to perform the major identification or surgery works.

You can help out in simple but practical ways, vastly increasing your own knowledge and understanding of medical practice. Volunteers participating on our Uganda medical volunteer project measure BP, temperature, height, weight assist doctors and medical staffs with all tasks. You also help distribute medicines, provide tips to patients on health, nutrition and sanitation and counseling patients, and involve yourself in the treatment for minor injuries or wounds and keeping patient records.

Uganda medical volunteer project


  • You must be 18 yrs and above
  • Medical Students & Professionals.
  • Pre-med Students are also welcome
  • You must speak some English (you don’t need to be fluent)
  • We recommend travel/life personal insurance 
  • You must commit at least 2 weeks’ stay
  • You must be Sociable, Energetic, Positive & Fun!


Your arrival into Uganda will be on a Sunday. Your orientation for your volunteer program in Uganda will begin on Monday. You will spend the day learning about life in Uganda and preparing for your upcoming volunteer program.

Program Costs:

  • 2 Weeks Program: USD$290
  • 3 Weeks Program: USD$435
  • 4 Weeks Program: USD$580
  • 5 Weeks Program: USD$725
  • 6 Weeks Program: USD$870
  • 7 Weeks Program: USD$1,015
  • 8 Weeks Program: USD$1,160
  • 9 Weeks Program: USD$1,305
  • 10 Weeks Program: USD$1,450
  • 11 Weeks Program: USD$1,595
  • 12 Weeks Program: USD$1,740

Registration & Deposit: A deposit of 50% is required on acceptance of your application into the program, with the balance alongside airport pick being within 24hrs to the Office Cashier after arrival

Program Fee Covers:

  • Comfortable Bed
  • Hearty Breakfast
  • Delicious Dinner 
  • All kind of ground administration support 


  • Personal Expenses
  • Airport Transfers – USD$85 (one way)
  • Lunch (covered by volunteers while in the field)
  • Daily field/project transport (most projects are in reasonable walkable distance or budget for USD$2-3 daily)