Teach Arts & Crafts (DIY Projects) Uganda

Support the education and development of vulnerable children by volunteering to teach arts and crafts or DIY projects in Uganda. Arts and crafts teach children problem solving skills which lead to success. Arts and Crafts can teach perseverance and patience. Using arts and crafts can also be an excellent way to facilitate language learning with young children.

Arts and crafts can be a great way to include cross-curricular activities in the language classroom. Children can incorporate drama skills using masks they have made for role plays. They can use their knowledge of geography to make flag posters. We ask volunteers interested in this program to commit at least 28 days (4 weeks) in order to ensure a worthwhile experience. But we accept volunteers from a minimum of 2 weeks’ duration. 

Program Introduction

At Ssamba Foundation we understand that children learn best when they can use all their senses, and crafting is one teaching tool that allows children a wide variety of experiences. Making crafts help children improve their manual dexterity, and give them the opportunity to discover how to use new tools, materials, and methods. Crafts and other artistic endeavors can help children achieve success in all areas of their lives.

Making things and coming up with new ideas about how to accomplish a task teaches children how to solve problems for themselves. When they accomplish small tasks, they gain confidence to accomplish even larger tasks.

Arts and Crafts can teach perseverance and patience. Children learn that things don’t always turn out the way they imagined, but if they keep trying they may find a new way to accomplish a task. So, in this way, even simple coloring or cutting and pasting activities are considered to be arts and crafts.

Benefits of Arts and Crafts Uganda Volunteer Program

Self-Expression and Managing Feelings: As with all creative pursuits, arts and crafts activities are a fantastic creative outlet. Through art, children can express themselves freely, and sometimes without realizing! Subconsciously, children will be expressing their inner thoughts and feelings through their artwork. Art is a great way for children to reflect and manage their emotions. The process of turning a thought into a tangible piece of art is a brilliant way of allowing us to manage our internal thoughts and feelings, moulding them into something real. Moreover, art and creative pursuits are proven to have a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing.

Improves Confidence and Self-Esteem: Art can improve confidence and self-esteem in a multitude of ways. For one, children will gain confidence in expressing themselves through the medium of art. Being able to channel thoughts and feelings into their artwork will, in turn, help them feel more confident in communicating how they are feeling. Moreover, art involves peer assessment and feedback. Receiving positive or constructive feedback can only boost self-esteem and allow children to recognize their own strengths and accomplishments. Art is a truly unique concept which differs greatly from one person to the next. This serves as a validation of each person’s individuality and their unique existence. Moreover, as with most things, children will grow in confidence the more they engage with art. Improving their techniques, understanding the underpinnings of great art and recognizing how art makes them feel all contribute to their sense of self-worth. 

Patience: We all know that perfection takes time. Whether that be the length of time it takes to complete a piece of art or successfully executing an artistic technique, it takes patience and dedication. Once their artwork is completed, children will feel a huge sense of accomplishment and will learn that hard work and dedication is very much rewarded. It can be tempting to rush things to get them completed quicker or to give up completely if it is taking longer than planned. But, with time, children’s levels of patience will increase and they will realize good things take time! 

Organizational Skills: In a similar vein to planning, organizational skills can be developed through arts and crafts. Making sure they have the equipment they need close by, a good workspace and getting timings right can contribute hugely to the success of an art project. Being organized is, of course, a fantastic quality to have and can make everyday life that tiny bit easier.

Why Is Creativity Important? 

Creativity goes hand in hand with imagination! Imagination underpins creativity and vice versa. Imagination is crucial to problem solving, thinking outside of the box and being able to immerse oneself in many pursuits, such as art, literature and film. Being able to think creatively as well as creative expression helps to broaden the imagination.

Being creative helps children to understand themselves. Creativity is a valuable form of self-expression and the ways in which children’s creativity comes out helps them to understand their inner thoughts, feelings, likes and dislikes.

Creativity helps build resilience! Being able to think creatively helps us to look at setbacks and challenges in different ways, which then leads to being able to move past them or solve any problems.

As a volunteer you can appeal to the competitive urge in many students by getting them to produce art work for competition, e.g., design a Christmas card or school magazine cover. This also looks good on the walls as do posters, photo stories, and all other finished products that can be displayed.

Project Location

Ssamba Foundations hosts volunteer teachers in our community programs in Mukono District. We are privileged to work in some of the most beautiful rural communities of Mukono District in Uganda.

These wonderful communities also have some of the poorest people and at risk youth, children and women. All our projects are privately funded in the majority of cases. We rely, not only on individual volunteer’s help to carry out the work, but also their financial support.

By choosing to support these projects with both your time and money, we know that that your work has helped to make the world a slightly easier place to live in for some of the poorest people. These rural communities have no welfare opportunities. The things you might take for granted like education, hospitals, roads, housing and food are not available here.

Ssamba Foundation is a community development organization focusing on educational empowerment for vulnerable rural communities and foster positive cross-cultural awareness through sustainable community development initiatives.

teach arts crafts Uganda

This is the reason we work hard at Ssamba Foundation, we know that as well as having a fantastic time, your skills and your hard work will be invaluable to people who just need a helping hand.


The Arts and Crafts Uganda volunteer program gives you the chance not only to make a positive impact in a needy community, gain leadership experience and build new skills, but also to share your knowledge and provide valuable skills to youth and children.

Volunteers in our program experience traditional Ugandan life and participate in daily roles of the project such teaching arts, crafts and DIY projects. The children are aged between 6 and 17. It is therefore important that volunteers be enthusiastic about arts and able to inspire the children.

teach arts crafts Uganda

Volunteering in Uganda with Ssamba Foundation’s arts and crafts project will not only allow you to positively influence lives, but you can also learn about a variety of arts and crafty ideas, as well as about the deep and fascinating histories that this country has with arts.

It is important for potential volunteers to understand that the culture in Uganda is quite different from what you are accustomed to. Volunteers should bring with them an easy-going, open-minded and relaxed attitude. Locals are curious, very friendly and social people.

As arts and crafts volunteer in Uganda you can choose your project where you can apply your creative eye and enthusiasm while volunteering and living at the heart of a community.  When you choose to volunteer in Uganda with Ssamba Foundation, you will be involved a variety of community activities.

Your creativity will inspire children and youth who want to develop their talents. Arts can be a powerful force for community building, nurturing human creativity, and social empowerment for future growth and employment opportunities.

teach arts crafts Uganda


  • You must be 18 yrs and above 
  • You must be enthusiastic about arts and crafts
  • You must speak some English (you don’t need to be fluent) 
  • We recommend travel/life personal insurance 
  • You must commit at least 2 weeks’ minimum
  • You must be Sociable, Energetic, Positive & Fun!
  • Learn more about Who can Apply?


All volunteers based in Mukono (up to 10 at one time) will live together in a warmly family-home. Delicious 2 meals are provided each day, which consists of local foods, such as matooke (mashed plantain), posho (cornmeal), potatoes and rice or noodles. They are generally served with beef, fish, peas, beans or groundnut sauce. Bread, eggs, vegetables and fruits are available for breakfast, vegetarians are also accommodated.

Volunteers staying at our Kyampisi Backpackers Home are assigned a bed based on capacity, arrival time and length of stay. All beds have good mosquito nets and you don’t need to bring your own sheets etc. Accommodation at this home is in shared dorm styled bedrooms and shared twin bedroom, accommodating up to 10 people when full. There are between 2-3 beds per room. The emphasis at the home is placed on a relaxed friendly family like atmosphere.


There are costs involved in hosting volunteers and we request our volunteers to cover up their living costs, this helps our organization to concentrate its resources on empowering vulnerable communities. Volunteering in Uganda with Ssamba Foundation is AFFORDABLE, as it should be! At Ssamba Foundation, we appreciate and allow you to use your compassion to help make the world a better place! Before applying please learn more about the costs involved!


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