Teach German Abroad Uganda

Through Ssamba Foundation’s teach German abroad Uganda program, you can get involved with a complete range of German language teaching activities. You can help in taking normal classes at the local high school or assisting the teaching staff at the community language training centre.

Ssamba Foundation is looking for volunteers to teach German language at our local high school and community language centre in Mukono district of Uganda. This is an enriching and satisfying experience where the volunteer get the opportunity to teach children and adults who are eager to improve their conversational German skills.

The volunteer will work primarily as an instructor of German language in our school and community centre. The volunteer may also be asked to assist in other activities such as sports and other extra-curricular projects. The placement consists of teaching the subject of German to school children and community adults for 2 to 4 lessons of a day, with each period running for 45 minutes.

Teach German Abroad Uganda

Program Introduction

Germany operates the world’s biggest outbound tourist trade – an impressive statistic considering the fact that is among the 13 countries on the planet hosting bigger populations. In short, Germans understand the value of international travel.

At Ssamba Foundation, we have also been impressed with the sense of conviction German travelers feel when it comes to giving back to the places they visit. Here at Ssamba Foundation, two out of five of our volunteers come from Germany. That’s a substantial chunk of our volunteer base, which is why we’re anxious to design and implement volunteer programs that are accessible and meaningful to volunteers from Germany.

If you’re thinking about taking some time to volunteer abroad, be sure to explore opportunities in Uganda. This is a country as suitable for independent travelers as it is for package tourists, with plenty of exciting opportunities for adventurers from Germany. Uganda, with its jungle canopied mountains, tropical rivers and diverse mix of ethnic groups is particularly well-suited for anyone intent on getting off the well-worn tourist path and making a difference in the process.

Teach German Abroad Uganda


Volunteer Opportunities for German Volunteers

There are plenty of different opportunities for our German volunteers. In our experience, our German volunteers often have a very strong command of English, including the complexities of English grammar. These abilities allow our volunteers from Germany, to provide great benefit in our teaching projects. Working with schools and with children are also popular project selections for volunteers from Germany.

Program Location

Ssamba Foundations hosts volunteer teachers in our community programs in Mukono District. We are privileged to work in some of the most beautiful rural communities of Mukono District in Uganda.

These wonderful communities also have some of the poorest people and at risk youth, children and women. All our projects are privately funded in the majority of cases. We rely, not only on individual volunteer’s help to carry out the work, but also their financial support.

By choosing to support these projects with both your time and money, we know that that your work has helped to make the world a slightly easier place to live in for some of the poorest people. These rural communities have no welfare opportunities. The things you might take for granted like education, hospitals, roads, housing and food are not available here.

Ssamba Foundation is a community development organization focusing on educational empowerment for vulnerable rural communities and foster positive cross-cultural awareness through sustainable community development initiatives.

This is the reason we work hard at Ssamba Foundation, we know that as well as having a fantastic time, your skills and your hard work will be invaluable to people who just need a helping hand.


The German teacher will be required to teach 5 days a week. Saturday and Sunday are days off for the volunteer to enjoy some free time and there are occasional public holidays during the school term. Depending on school size, class numbers vary from 15-60 in a class.

If you have additional skills in extra-curricular activities such as: teaching games, music, painting, singing, dancing, yoga, martial arts etc, then you are most welcome to incorporate this into the Uganda German language teaching program.

Your help and assistance will be greatly appreciated in these rural schools and will be a refreshing change to existing curriculum. The schools are located in a rural communities and have limited resources, both infrastructure and staff.

Volunteers can do a combination of both teaching and renovation/building work at the project. As a native German speaker with or without some teaching experience, you can be a valuable resource in these village classrooms.

With your language skills you could teach proper pronunciation and usage. Even if you’ve never formally taught a classroom subject, you can assist the local teachers in their day to day work at the school. You don’t need to know the local language, or the methods of the local school system. All you need is enthusiasm and a desire to share your knowledge and make a difference. 


  • You must be 18 yrs and above 
  • You must speak some English & German 
  • We recommend travel/life personal insurance 
  • You must commit at least 2 weeks’ minimum
  • You must be Sociable, Energetic, Positive & Fun!
  • Learn more about Who can Apply?


All volunteers based in Mukono (up to 10 at one time) will live together in a warmly family-home. Delicious 2 meals are provided each day, which consists of local foods, such as matooke (mashed plantain), posho (cornmeal), potatoes and rice or noodles. They are generally served with beef, fish, peas, beans or groundnut sauce. Bread, eggs, vegetables and fruits are available for breakfast, vegetarians are also accommodated.

Volunteers staying at our Kyampisi Backpackers Home are assigned a bed based on capacity, arrival time and length of stay. All beds have good mosquito nets and you don’t need to bring your own sheets etc. Accommodation at this home is in shared dorm styled bedrooms and shared twin bedroom, accommodating up to 10 people when full. There are between 2-3 beds per room. The emphasis at the home is placed on a relaxed friendly family like atmosphere.


There are costs involved in hosting volunteers and we request our volunteers to cover up their living costs, this helps our organization to concentrate its resources on empowering vulnerable communities. Volunteering in Uganda with Ssamba Foundation is AFFORDABLE, as it should be! At Ssamba Foundation, we appreciate and allow you to use your compassion to help make the world a better place! Before applying please learn more about the costs involved!


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