Volunteering With Ssamba Foundation

Work together with us to really make a difference in Uganda through volunteering. Volunteering with Ssamba Foundation is a life changing experience which you will never forget. Ssamba Foundation is a small community based charity aiming to help the lives of vulnerable Ugandans through a number of privately financed development projects.

Read on to find out more about Ssamba Foundation and how to volunteer and make a difference.

Uganda described by the late great Winston Churchill as the Pearl of Africa certainly lives up to its name. Set by the world’s second largest body of fresh water, Lake Victoria it is a green and fertile land.

Recent history records despots such as Idi Amin who decimated the country and introduced a reign of terror into what was one of the old colonial Empires finest assets, but nowadays Uganda is basically a very safe and peaceful country.

There were insurgents in the North of Uganda led by a minority who wanted independence; they however caused no problems in the rest of the country where people are genuinely open and friendly and currently the North is also peaceful and safe.

Volunteering with Ssamba Foundation is certainly not only going to put something into a desperately poor community, but also give you and adventure of a lifetime.

Ssamba Foundation is led by an extremely charismatic young man called Isaac Ssamba, he founded and set up the organization to help his own people to escape poverty and to help enable people who live deep in rural areas. Few if any of the major charities venture into these areas so with Ssamba Foundation you will adventure into remote areas and do varied and interesting work.

A Typical 4 weeks’ program would read something like this:

-Be met at Entebbe airport by Isaac himself and taken to the Ssamba Homestay in Kalagi, near Mukono, a busy town some 40 kilometers from the capital Kampala here you would stay in a comfortable home in a comfortable bed.

– The facilities would be a little different to those you are used to in that you will have to use a bucket supported WC toilet and the ’shower’ facilities consisting of jerry cans of water and some plastic bowls.

– You will however be well fed and the welcome will be greater than any you have known before, and this home will be your base for your stay.

– From here you will visit some of the projects in the villages of Mukono District. To do this you will probably use local transport and you will go by bush van known as a “taxi” and Boda Boda and this will just be the start of your adventure.

– You may camp overnight or stay in a local house, and during your stay you may be asked to join in a debate at the school, check on some of the many Income Generating Initiatives the foundation has there, or even work on the land that we are now developing to enable the community resource centre to become self-supporting.

– You may also be asked to inspect one or some of the spring wells or boreholes that Ssamba Foundation has installed in the villages and do not be at all surprised if anything at all crops up, this is Africa and you just never know You will also get to meet many of the locals and certainly learn a great deal about Rural African life.

– The school project at present supports 230 orphans and is at the moment totally supported by the foundation which puts a huge strain on its resources part of your donation goes to keeping the school as well as feeding and housing you, here you can actually see your money in action as we also give the orphans a meal every day. Sadly, for some of these orphans this is the only meal they will get, your donations here will make a genuine difference

– Another activity that you will certainly take part in will be to help at one of the remote projects the foundation runs; here you will certainly be going well off the beaten track into some of the very remote areas. In this case you will go by car, you may even have to push it some of the way, into some of the more remote villages, some are only accessible by what looks like a footpath and probably the vehicle you are in will be one of the very few that ever goes that way. Do not be surprised here if some of the children seem a little afraid of you as you may well be the first white person that they have seen.

– Here once more you make a contribution by helping with the administration of the projects, work with sick people-binding wounds, dispensing the drugs the nurse has prescribed, helping at seminars from those about HIV awareness to just demonstrating how important it is to wash hands. Once again you can actually see for yourself just how much help you are to a really remote community and just how little other help they receive.

– Here again you will generally camp although some time we get offered a stay in a village house

Working with Ssamba Foundation shows just how working together with us you can make a difference you can not only help some of the poorest people in the world you also get to have an adventure of a lifetime.

To get involved please email ssambafoundation@gmail.com for more details or fill the volunteer application form.

Ssamba Foundation was founded in 2006 by Isaac Ssamba with a vision to help those least able to help themselves. Despite limited funds Isaac has built the foundation into an organization with multiple projects including the following:

  • A Primary School Teaching 230 Village Orphans & Adult Evening Classes
  • A team 120 Counselors Providing Support to Aids Affected Communities
  • Funded Numerous Projects to Enable Sustainable Small Community Based Commerce
  • Built 25 Spring Wells and Boreholes Providing Clean Water to 34500 Plus People, helping to Eliminate Cholera, Typhoid & Dysentery. This is saving lives.
  • Established A Community Resource Centre for Teenagers Unable to Afford Schooling

Volunteering in Uganda with Ssamba Foundation

Ssamba Foundation is supported by a network of Volunteers that visit the projects and provide help and support. Volunteering in Uganda is a great experience which makes a positive impact on the lives of all parties involved.

How to Help

With the increasing discontent with giving blind to a charity with little knowledge of where your donation goes; Ssamba Foundation is able to offer a way to ensure your money ends up where intended. You choose your project, and visit it to ensure that the money has been spent the way you wanted. Through limited red tape and administration costs your money in full goes to the people that need it.

How It Works

  1. Contact Ssamba Foundation in the Uganda and choose a suitable project (e.g. a water well, school funding, school outreaches, community outreaches)
  2. Finalize your donation budget and intended project.
  3. Send the funds and arrange a field trip to review the success.
  4. Travel to Uganda and see what difference you have made staying with the people you have helped (you can combine your field trip with a holiday too)

Visit Ssamba Foundation

Visit Ssamba Foundation and volunteer your skills whilst contributing to the projects. The foundation has hosted many volunteers over the past few years and offers and exceptional experience at grass roots level.

In your time volunteering in Uganda you may:

  • Help with local education and health education
  • Train Counselors Providing Support to Affected Communities
  • Help with Income Generating projects

An important goal of Volunteering with Ssamba Foundation is to help people get directly involved in making positive change.   We welcome anyone who comes with a kind heart, open mind and sharing attitude.

Ssamba Foundation is a small organization so all volunteers must cover their own expenses. The children absolutely love meeting new people and their sweet personalities will almost certainly put a smile in your heart. Volunteering is such a wonderful experience; you have the opportunity to teach and learn at the same time! 

Get Involved Now!

Each and every Volunteer is special to this organization and helps keep the charity moving forward, we need your help now! We are ready to answer your questions about becoming a volunteer by email at ssambafoundation@gmail.com or WhatsApp | Telegram | Signal: +256-791-517383 or fill the volunteer application form.

How much does it cost to volunteer with Ssamba Foundation in Uganda?

Volunteering in Uganda is free, as it should be, No Program Fees!  No weekly fees! At Ssamba Foundation, we appreciate and allow you to use your compassion to help make the world a better place at no cost to you!

Many organizations see volunteers as a potential cash cow and are guilty of charging extreme rates. Ssamba Foundation makes every effort to keep your costs to a minimum, as it is your talent and time that are most valuable to us and the communities we serve.  Whether you are interested in volunteering short-term or long-term, we will discuss arrangements with you concerning finances.

We have however, set up the challenge (not mandatory though) for all volunteers coming/interested to volunteer with Ssamba Foundation in Uganda to throw themselves into fundraising and aim to bring a donation! We know you can do it!

The funds raised or donated, goes directly to your project of interest, where you will be volunteering.  Fundraise for or donate to your intended project, and come stay with us for anywhere between 4 weeks- to- 3 months on a case by case basis. Where does my contribution go?

Benefits of Volunteering with Ssamba Foundation

Volunteers are always welcome at Ssamba Foundation either for short-term or long-term projects. We want to deliver an experience to enjoy Uganda by living, working and making an impact with us.  In exchange for your skills, donation and help, you get the following:

Ssamba Homestay Uganda

  • Pre-Departure Handbook (Everything you need to know about Uganda)
  • We shall pick you up from Entebbe International airport (Pick Up only)
  • Accommodation throughout your stay (Maximum stay is 4 weeks for free)
  • Shared bedroom with other-same sex volunteers (separate beds)
  • Blanket, Pillows and treated mosquito net
  • Limited Wi-Fi Access at house (Please feel free to bring your laptop)
  • 3 delicious local meals for your entire duration
  • 24/7 In country Support
  • You can stay with us for up to 3 months in Uganda (on case by case basis)
  • Deeper culture immersion experience with founder’s family
  • Discounted tours, safaris and events
  • Work and life experience
  • The opportunity to help others and lifetime friends
  • Certificate of Appreciation at the end of your stay

Ssamba Homestay

What we DON’T offer:

  • Flight Tickets
  • Visas
  • Travel insurance
  • Vaccinations
  • Laundry service in town/or house (at volunteer’s cost)
  • Toiletries (soaps, shampoos and others) are not provided.
  • Personal expenses (Your pocket money)

Personal Expenses; It depends on you and your lifestyle! But we advise that you come with an additional $50-$100 a week to cater for your personal needs such as; Phone/internet bill, Transportation, Laundry, Snacks, Entertainment, Drinks and excursions if preferred, and any other things you may wish to buy.

The requirements to join Ssamba Foundation volunteer program in Uganda

Mukono Volunteering Program

  • You must be over 18yrs
  • You must speak some English (you don’t need to be fluent)
  • A copy of your passport with 6+ months validity
  • Placement commitment fee of USD$200
  • Criminal Record, Background Check report or Police Statement
  • We recommend travel/life personal insurance
  • You must commit at least 4 weeks’ minimum (shorter stays accepted).
  • You must be Sociable, Energetic, Positive & Fun! Who can Apply?

Volunteer Arrival Dates

Although we are very flexible about start and end dates, volunteers must book their flights to arrive on the scheduled arrival dates  for free airport pickup arrangements. You can book your flights to arrive at any time of the arrival date (24/7 Airport pickups).

Your arrival into Uganda will be on a Sunday. Your orientation for your volunteer program in Uganda will begin on Monday. You will spend the day learning about life in Uganda and preparing for your upcoming volunteer program.

If you arrive any other day, you have to cover up your airport pickup fees (usually $85) or pay for hotel for your night stay and pickup for the following day.


Ssamba Foundation – empowering vulnerable communities since 2006